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Riptide Software Donates Push-ups for the Camaraderie Foundation

Posted by Marketing on May 5, 2016

Last Friday, Riptide Software teamed up with AIT Engineering to do a 1000 push-up challenge benefiting the Camaraderie Foundation following in the spirit of the #22PUSHUPS challenge, to honor those who serve. Teams were comprised of two to three people with a goal of 1000 push-ups total in a four-hour period. For each team that completed 1000 push-ups, $100 would be donated by Riptide to The Camaraderie Foundation.

Amazingly, all teams participating met the 1000 push-up challenge, with five teams going well beyond the goals in personal competitions. The top team at Riptide completed 3342 push-ups and the top three individuals achieved an impressive 1905, 1793, and 1516 push-ups, respectively.

The group total of all the team’s push-ups combined was 21,916. As a result, Riptide Software and AIT Engineering donated $2,200 to the Camaraderie Foundation.

Philip Loeffel, Founder and CEO of Riptide Software, said “Doing this event was not only a personal challenge for our employees, but it was an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for the Camaraderie Foundation and the great work they do for our military men and women returning from the battlefield.”

Jason Eddy, President of AIT Engineering, added “We were very excited to join Riptide in this charity challenge for The Camaraderie Foundation. As a former Military Officer, I know the struggles some men and women face when returning from the battlefield.”

Check out a short video of the push-up challenge below!

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Written by Marketing