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3-Steps to Modernizing Your Learning Technology (Without Replacing Your LMS)

Posted by Nick Washburn on Dec 8, 2016 9:48:00 AM

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 Considering replacing your LMS? You’re not alone! According to Brandon Hall, 66% of companies are currently looking for a new LMS. Their primary objectives?

Improve the learner and admin experiences, better data and integrations, mobile capabilities, and enhanced reporting.

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But what if you didn’t necessarily need to replace your LMS to achieve those goals?

What if you could find a flexible technology solution that worked with and around your LMS?

Welcome to the modern learning ecosystem!


STEP 1: Implement a Learning Record Store with the Experience API (xAPI)

What is a Learning Record Store or LRS? An LRS is a database that collects and stores millions of learning actions from your training. xAPI is a simple data format that technology applications can use to record those learning experiences in the LRS database. xAPI can produce an activity stream (I, did, this), with timestamps second by second, of what happens during learning events.

By using an LRS like Riptide's Storepoints alongside an existing LMS, companies are now able to get the learning and training data they have been missing for years and more importantly, integrate that data throughout their full enterprise ecosystem including with their LMS, HRIS, TMS, and PMS. All of your current/legacy training can be xAPI enabled as well as new training.


Step 2: Use a Next-Generation Courseware that is Device Agnostic, Interactive, and xAPI Enabled

Interactive eLearning Courseware - Most companies are well aware their training needs to be delivered via today’s most used technologies on mobile smartphone, tablet, and PC. In fact 88% of companies are looking to improve their learner experience and want to get better reporting from it. But unfortunately most LMSs are still adapting to the rapid advance of technology and still have not solved the problems around any device learning.

The good news is there are now mobile and xAPI enabled courseware products like Riptide Elements Learnpoints that allows you to deliver your courses to any device and in any language, while still working with your LMS to be compatible to current processes and reporting.

In-line Software Training Courseware - As more and more companies have business critical software running their companies and being used by their customers, training new employees and users in how to use their software effectively and efficiently has become key to business performance. New tools like Riptide’s Waypoints in-line training software with competency based assessments allows you to make onboarding and training a native experience within your own software to test and track exactly how well users learn how to use it.


Step 3: Leverage Data Visualization and Performance Analytics to Communicate KPIs and ROI

Tapping into the full potential of the data collected in the Learning Record Store, companies can now integrate it with their own Business Intelligence tools or use Riptide’s Performance Analytics software. With the LRS collected learning data and its integration to reporting & analytics tools, L&D leaders now have easy access to the data they need to show clear and simple ROI from their learning and training to the C-Suite, deliver actionable data to Performance Managers, and share course effectiveness with their Instructional Designers.


How Can You Get Started In Taking These 3 Steps?

The best way to start taking these 3 steps is to:

  • determine a small, but important project you want to test 
  • establish clear success criteria for the project 
  • prove the principle with a 3-month pilot implementation 

Ready to get started? Riptide can help, request a free learning technology consultation today. 

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Written by Nick Washburn

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