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The Crawl, Walk, Run Methodology for Adopting Learning Analytics and xAPI

2 New Year's Resolutions for L&D in 2018

Learning Analytics Obstacles You Can Fix in 2018

8 Resources That Will Help You Learn About xAPI

From Around The Web: 6 Interesting Infographics on xAPI

An Introduction to Big Data for Learning and Development

Why xAPI Data, Information, And Insights Are Not The Same

How To Capture Informal Learning Data to Tell The Complete Learning Story

Here's Why Learning Technology Doesn't Solve Anyone's Problems

3 Steps In Getting Buy-in For Corporate Learning Technology

Here’s How To Build The Best Surveys To Predict Learning’s Impact on Performance

What Everyone Should Know About Evaluating Learning Knowledge Transfer

The Secret To Measure Employee Behavior & Performance From Learning Data

Who Else Wants World-Class Training Based On Business Goals?

How To Begin Measuring Learning By Design

The Ever-Changing Role of The Chief Learning Officer (CLO)

The 3 Levels of Gamification for Corporate Learning

How To Design and Adopt a Blended Learning Program

What Is A Learning Record Store (LRS)?

5 Ways eLearning Will Impact Your Organization

4 Steps to Get Started with Competency Based Training

Better Inform Your Training Evaluation (Part Two)

Training Employees on New Software - What's the Best Way?

Better Inform Your Training Evaluation (Part One)

xAPI 101 - What is xAPI/LRS?

3 Reasons You Should View Your Learners as Customers

xAPI LRS Conformance - Why Should You Care?

The Learning Record Store: The First Step Toward the Future of Learning

3-Steps to Modernizing Your Learning Technology (Without Replacing Your LMS)

Extend the Enterprise Learning Ecosystem with a Centralized LRS

xAPI in Higher Education - it is Happening in the UK

Riptide Elements eLearning Platform Wins Distinction in The Communicator Awards.

A Review: xAPI Camp -- San Francisco, CA

4 Critical Learning and Development Case Studies for Experience API (xAPI)

No-cost eLearning Webinar on Demystifying the Enterprise Learning Ecosystem

Localization for Learning and Development (L&D)

Riptide Elements Waypoints: Inline Training for Web Based Software

Post xAPI Camp Vegas: A Review

7 Ways That Learning Management Systems (LMS) Fail

Client Side xAPI Error Handling

The Last Nail on the Flash Coffin?

xAPI: Captivating Virtual Instruction for Training

The #1 Way to Boost Worker Productivity

Track More than the Obvious with xAPI

Riptide Elements Goes to xAPI Camp!

John Delano to Speak at TRYxAPI Launch

Riptide Learning And Google Cardboard

The launch of open source TryxAPI.com

Riptide to Demonstrate REAPER at I/ITSEC 2014

The Power of Experience API (xAPI) for Talent Development

Part 2: Insert Snarky LMS Headline

Insert Snarky LMS Headline

Attending Sloan C International Conference on Online Learning

How important is e-learning in your organization?

ROI for E-learning: How do I choose an LMS?

ROI for E-learning: If your LMS lacks CRM, try connecting to Salesforce.

What is the future of Flash for e-learning?

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