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5 Ways eLearning Will Impact Your Organization

Posted by Christy Puller on Jul 17, 2017 9:00:00 AM

With the constant rise of technology, many businesses have tossed the traditional pen-to-paper means of training to the side and adopted modern eLearning concepts.


Topics: Elearning, Adaptive Learning

Better Inform Your Training Evaluation (Part Two)

Posted by Christy Puller & Nick Washburn on Jul 6, 2017 11:38:13 AM

As you read this post, remember that learning technology is in a good position - enterprise giants and many social media platforms use activity streams and a format similar to the Actor, Verb, Object structure of the Experience API (xAPI) for evaluation.


Topics: Adaptive Learning, learning insights

The Learning Record Store: The First Step Toward the Future of Learning

Posted by Nick Washburn on Mar 2, 2017 3:18:28 PM


Every day the enterprise learning ecosystem becomes more complex making a few questions even more important for learning and development leaders.


Topics: Future, Learning Record Store, LRS, xAPI, Future of Learning, Automated Tutoring, Adaptive Learning, Predictive Analytics

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