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Better Inform Your Training Evaluation (Part One)

Posted by Christy Puller & Nick Washburn on Jun 21, 2017 3:15:38 PM

Our community is filled with passionate and educated individuals who are true examples of problem solvers. It is without question that training employees is incredibly important to the business function and future of the organization as a whole. 


Topics: Corporate Training, xAPI, learning insights

xAPI 101 - What is xAPI/LRS?

Posted by Christy Puller & Nick Washburn on Jun 7, 2017 4:05:22 PM

If you’re part of the majority in the learning and development ecosystem, you might be wondering “What is xAPI”? Maybe you’ve heard the term through the grapevine, haven’t quite grasped the concept but are excited to learn more - or maybe you’re just completely stumped!  


Topics: Learning and Development, xAPI

3 Reasons You Should View Your Learners as Customers

Posted by Christy Puller on May 30, 2017 1:23:02 PM

The marketing and sales sectors of businesses take a lot of time and effort learning about their customers and developing personas through big data.


Topics: Learning and Development, xAPI, Future of Learning

xAPI LRS Conformance - Why Should You Care?

Posted by Christy Puller on May 15, 2017 1:22:56 PM

Just last month, the LRS Conformance Test Suite for the Experience API (xAPI) was released, marking an important moment for the future of all learning technology.


Topics: ADL, LRS, LRS Test Conformance, xAPI, New Technology

The Learning Record Store: The First Step Toward the Future of Learning

Posted by Nick Washburn on Mar 2, 2017 3:18:28 PM


Every day the enterprise learning ecosystem becomes more complex making a few questions even more important for learning and development leaders.


Topics: Future, Learning Record Store, LRS, xAPI, Future of Learning, Automated Tutoring, Adaptive Learning, Predictive Analytics

3-Steps to Modernizing Your Learning Technology (Without Replacing Your LMS)

Posted by Nick Washburn on Dec 8, 2016 9:48:00 AM

 Considering replacing your LMS? You’re not alone! According to Brandon Hall, 66% of companies are currently looking for a new LMS. Their primary objectives?


Topics: Elearning, L&D, Learning Record Store, Waypoints, xAPI, xAPI Reporting, storepoints, Modernization, Learning Technology, learning, Learnpoints

Extend the Enterprise Learning Ecosystem with a Centralized LRS

Posted by Nick Washburn on Oct 31, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Would data narratives like this be compelling inside your company?


Topics: Elearning, eLearning Tracking, Learning and Development, Learning Ecosystem, Learning Record Store, LMS, LRS, Riptide Elements, xAPI, xAPI Camp, storepoints, Learning Technology, learning, Learnpoints, enterprise, enterprise ecosystem

xAPI in Higher Education - it is Happening in the UK

Posted by Nick Washburn on Jun 17, 2016 11:46:12 AM

It is happening again. The UK is showing America we stumbled on something good and they are helping improve it.


Topics: Learning Division, JicDev, Jisc, TryxAPI, TryxAPI.com, xAPI

Using xAPI To….

Posted by Marketing on Feb 9, 2016 3:35:20 PM

Ever wanted to capture the whole learning experience of your user, but not sure where to start? In this blog I will present on different ways that xAPI has benefited the learning experience and the learning ecosystem. All the case studies in this blog can be found at


Topics: ATD Webinar, Learning Division, Events, Learning Ecosystem, Learning Experience, Learning Record Store, LRS, SCROM, TryxAPI, TryxAPI.com, xAPI

Riptide Elements Waypoints: Inline Training for Web Based Software

Posted by Nick Washburn on Jan 7, 2016 9:46:27 AM

With the proliferation of complex online services and web based software, training and documentation have become crucial in acquiring and retaining users. Enterprise web-based software need to train their users on how to use their software.


Topics: Configurable LMS Offering, Learning Division, Elearning, Experience API, ILT, instructor led training, Live, LMS Learning Environment, LRS, SUM, xAPI

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