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Riptide Software Listed as Top Modeling, Simulation, and Training Company

Posted by Marketing on August 17, 2016

Riptide Software is currently  listed by the Orlando Business Journal (OBJ) among the top five largest Modeling, Simulation, & Training Companies in the Central Florida region. Riptide is recognized as  a leading provider of military and commercial training software products by numerous organizations.


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Riptide Software Donates Push-ups for the Camaraderie Foundation

Posted by Marketing on May 5, 2016

Last Friday, Riptide Software teamed up with AIT Engineering to do a 1000 push-up challenge benefiting the Camaraderie Foundation following in the spirit of the #22PUSHUPS challenge, to honor those who serve. Teams were comprised of two to three people with a goal of 1000 push-ups total in a four-hour period. For each team that completed 1000 push-ups, $100 would be donated by Riptide to The Camaraderie Foundation.


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DARPA Scientists Predict What 2045 Will Be Like

Posted by Marketing on December 21, 2015

Predicting a future that actually comes true is not an easy task, but DARPA scientists predict in 30 years from now, our relationship with machines will become even closer.


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Don’t Forget Our Troops this Holiday Season!

Posted by Marketing on December 11, 2015

While we enjoy a respite from work with the upcoming Holidays, there are still men and women in the military, nationwide and overseas, ensuring that our time off is safe and secure. So, this holiday season, we ask that you not forget the men and women risking their lives everyday.


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CACCTUS Project Kickoff!

Posted by Marketing on November 19, 2015

As the prime contractor for the Combined Arms Command and Control Trainer System Upgrade (CACCTUS) program, which immerses trainees in realistic, scenario-driven environment for commanders and their battle staff to rehearse tactics, techniques and procedures, Riptide traveled to Twentynine Palms earlier this month to do a site audit after the month-long gaps in contracts.  During the trip, Riptide was  privileged to witness 1st Battalion, 8th Marines (1/8th) use the Combined Arms Staff Trainer (CAST) facility and CACCTUS in particular to prepare for their Battalion Assault Course or “BAC” the culminating event for a Marine Corps Infantry Battalion as they complete four weeks of training at Twentynine Palms, California in preparation for deployment overseas.  


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UCF Interns Gain Valuable Work Experience at Riptide Software

Posted by Marketing on October 21, 2015

As a proud supporter of the Orlando tech community, Riptide Software is eager to help UCF students gain valuable work experience that is in line with their studies. Riptide offers various internships in their defense, commercial cloud, and e-learning industries.


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Proud to Support Our Troops

Posted by Raquel Galan on August 21, 2013

It goes without saying that Riptide is a big supporter of the military through our products and services for training software and information technology. But we are proud to support them on the ground as well, from fund-raising events for organizations that aid veterans and their families to care packages for our men and women serving abroad.


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AUSA Sunshine Chapter nets recognition and awards

Posted by Raquel Galan on July 21, 2006

July 2006 - Riptide Software, Inc. based in Orlando FL, is a proud member of the Sunshine Chapter Board of Governors AUSA (Association of the United States Army). The Riptide Software, Inc. staff is involved actively in supporting the mission and membership of AUSA. The final results from the last Operational Year (1 July 2005 - 30 June 2006) netted recognition and awards as the Sunshine Chapter was recognized for doing great things for our Soldiers. The Sunshine Chapter finished as Runner-Up for Best Chapter (to the General of the Army Omar Bradley Chapter, Fort Bliss, Texas),and was recognized as Best in Support of Reserve Components and in Corporate Member Support. This year in addition to competing against Fort Bliss, The Sunshine Chapter was competing against Alamo, Suncoast, Fort Rucker, Greater Atlanta, Fort Riley, Fort Sill, Fort Polk, Virginia Peninsula, Fort Lewis, and Fort Leonard Wood among others. To be the Runner-up in the company of these fine Chapters demonstrates the hard work and great programs put on by the Sunshine Chapter.


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Riptide Software presents at 2006 European Simulation Interoperability Workshop

Posted by Raquel Galan on June 4, 2006

June 2006 - Stockholm, Sweden - Riptide Software, Inc. based in ORLANDO, FL, in conjunction with the U.S. Army Program Executive Office (PEO) Simulation Training and Instrumentation (STRI), Program Manager for Training Devices (PM TRADE), presented a paper and presentation which catalogues the innovative approach and lessons learned in creating the LT2 product line.


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