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Optimize Your Marketing Efforts with Call Tracking

Posted by Raquel Galan on June 24, 2015

According to KeyMetric, nearly 65% of all online searches and website visits result in a phone call. By implementing a call tracking application, a business can save money by correctly identifying advertising methods that make their phone ring and those that do not.


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Riptide Cloud Is Your Amazon Workspace Partner

Posted by Raquel Galan on June 16, 2015

Amazon WorkSpaces is a cloud based managed desktop computing service. Amazon WorkSpaces allows for easy provisioning of cloud-based desktops that enable end-users to access the files, programs and other resources they need with the a wide variety of devices, including PCoIP zero clients, desktop computers, laptops, iPads, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and  Android tablets. This provides Riptide’s Cloud Services the ability to set up a cloud desktop environment  for any user count  at a very competitive rate.


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Advanced Preview Of The UniFi UVC-Micro Camera

Posted by Raquel Galan on May 23, 2015

Riptide Goes Hands on with an Advanced Preview of the UniFi UVC-Micro Camera

Their small footprint, excellent video quality, ease of installation and use, allows Riptide to easily recommend the Ubiquiti UVC-Micro camera for your security and monitoring needs. There are some browser compatibility issues with the web interface, specifically with Microsoft Edge, which can make the initial configuration and stream viewing a bit cumbersome.


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The Internet Of Things

Posted by Marketing on May 9, 2015

Riptide Software develops solutions using the Internet Of Things (IoT).  IoT means all of our devices are talking to one another. Everything we use is connected, using embedded sensors, and are able to identify themselves to one another. Our phones are smart enough to know when we’re heading home, and can tell our thermostats at our houses to start adjusting the temperature to our preferred setting.


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Riptide Learning And Google Cardboard

Posted by Jose O'farril on April 23, 2015

Riptide Learning works tirelessly with trusted partners and business customers to create successful education and training tools of all kinds


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Mobile Application Development

Posted by Raquel Galan on April 22, 2015

At Riptide, we fully understand the value of Mobile.  Most businesses need a mobile application to support their core business. Successful businesses need a reliable platform to reach their customers in a way that the world consume content today. Riptide Software's Mobile Application team  our customers and for our internal use here at Riptide.


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Riptide Adopts Usage Of Surface Pro 3

Posted by Jose O'farril on April 20, 2015

Technology and Business Practices thrive on pushing each other to the very limits of what each is capable up - and then some. One force is constantly driving the other force, sharpening one another along the way. As each of these areas grow and change, it is up to the successful business to maintain that same pace, or forever be lost in the cold obscurity of failure.


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Riptide Managed Services Recommends Synology DS411slim

Posted by Jose O'farril on April 20, 2015

The majority of Riptide’s Managed Services customers have a Network Attached Storage device deployed at their location. For our small to medium sized customers, Riptide Managed Services recommends the Synology DS414.


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Honest Feedback from a Google Glass Explorer

Posted by Marketing on June 16, 2014

Riptide was part of the Explorer Beta program and if I had published this feedback before, it would have been for other Explorers, really. Now that Google has released, my honest feedback from my personal Beta thoughts are below. Let me say first to caveat my frank criticism, I think Google Glass is an incredibly cool technology and device. I am grateful for the work that got it to the place where we all can get involved. Also, I am certain that I understand the third wall, I can suspend my disbelief, and I can be on the other side of my own temporal provincialism. Anthropologically, I can understand the context of me as part of an older generation in 2014. Here at Riptide, one of our developers was asked to participate—as many are. I was the fourth of my colleagues to reset the factory settings, put them on, and make them “my glass.”


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10 Signs You Need To Hire A Managed Services Company

Posted by Raquel Galan on August 20, 2013


We have all seen it before; the person who is in charge of  running things on your network only has that responsibility because they've been there longer than anyone else, or just happens to understand computer technology a bit more than their manager.


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