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Posted by Marketing on August 3, 2011

A simple, easy-to-use Salesforce plugin for the Grails framework, which provides seamless integration into the Force.com platform.

prodlogosgrails-249x300Open Source Rapid Salesforce.com Development

This dynamic plugin utilizes the Force.com partner WSDL to describe and create a local application domain model from all objects defined within your Salesforce account.

Upon installation of the GrailsForce plugin, you will need to modify your Config.groovy file, adding your Saleforce API credentials, and will need to execute the new grails command “salesforce-generate-all” to begin code generation.

After the plugin completes all code generation you will now have the ability to begin querying, creating, updating, and deleting data from an external integration application into your Salesforce instance.

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Written by Marketing

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