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Private: Riptide Reference Tracking

Posted by Marketing on August 3, 2011

Riptide Reference Tracking allows your organization to efficiently track and manage all customers who are willing to serve as a reference for your products or services.

Product Description

prodlogosreftrack-249x300Riptide Reference Tracking provides on-demand reference tracking software solution to emerging and established companies. Riptide Reference Tracking provides the 360-degree view of customers, products, and references that your salespeople need to help them sell more. We help you manage the entire reference tracking process from the initial communication to reports designed to prevent over-saturation.

Riptide wants to help you leverage the power of the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to grow your business. Most applications you can find for the Salesforce platform are one-size-fits-all – and one thing we have discovered with assisting our numerous clients through the years is that one-size-fits-all really doesn’t fit anyone very well. Our goal is to help you customize Riptide Reference Tracking– and Salesforce – to exactly fit your unique business process.

Some companies will, of course, take Riptide Reference Tracking and just use it as-is. Others will take Riptide Reference Tracking and customize it themselves. That is just fine! We look forward to working with these companies as they grow – and we are happy to offer them any consulting services they may need in the future.

Key Components

  • Reference allows you to identify an existing Account as a reference customer
  • Reference Contact allows you to associate specific Contacts with a Reference
  • Reference Product allows you to associate specific Products with References and Reference Contacts
  • Opportunity Reference allows you to associate References to Opportunities

Standard Reports

Reference Tracking is a native Salesforce application which means all the components included with Reference Tracking can be reported on using the built in Salesforce reporting tools. Three standard reports are included and can be easily customized to meet the needs of your organization.

  • Reference Contact List allows users to quickly and easily get a list of all Active and Inactive Reference Accounts and the associated Reference Contacts.
  • References by Product Report allow users to view an entire list of References grouped by Product and rapidly locate References for specific products.
  • Opportunity Reference Report allows sales management and marketing to identify all Opportunities where a Reference was used. The report can be used to measure the effectiveness of References on a single deal or all deals.

Features & Benefits

  • Control your costs while you are just starting out
  • Easy to get started, easy to customize, easy to grow
  • Easily customize application to meet your unique business needs
  • Accelerate your sales process
  • Promote collaboration between salespeople
  • Provide sales tools your salespeople need
  • Keep your salespeople all on the same page, following the same process
  • Simple report creation
  • Automatic report generation
  • Track references on simple dashboard
  • Fully integrated into Salesforce.com
  • Familiar Salesforce.com user interface

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