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Riptide Case Study: TranS1

Posted by Jose O'farril on August 3, 2011

TranS1 wanted an easier registry processes for their customers.

  • Needed a system to manage unique industry-specific processes for clinical data
  • Customers were getting confused when using the current process and their historical data was not clear
  • In addition, the company required greater visibility into client treatment history, future placement, clinical and behavioral trends which might impact it's marketing strategy

Riptide develops custom streamlined registry.

  • Streamlined their current registry process with custom Visual Force pages to create and manage everything from patient data to admission status
  • Completed forms automatically trigger Force.com workflows, including emails to company execs whom review and act on data trends
  • An automated record management app houses business information on Force.com and eliminates the need for paper-based systems

TranS1 has more updated data and many happier customers.

  • Automated processes to track and manage individual clinical outcome data
  • Received better historical data to retain critical patient information for future care
  • Greater management visibility and efficiencies gained with integrated, automated back-end processing and the elimination of paper applications
  • Increased customer satisfaction through easy and efficient online registry and repeated results reports; for the first time, members can see status of their results throughout the process

Topics: GUI, phpDHCPAdmin, VPNs

Written by Jose O'farril

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