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Posted by Raquel Galan on August 3, 2011

Finally-an online real estate software solution with REALTORS in mind! No more missed meetings, lost contacts, or fumbling through pages in your planner. Simple. Flexible. Accessible. This is Riptide Realtor. Start your FREE trial today!


Product Description

Riptide Real Estate combines the power of the Internet with the simplicity, flexibility, and accessibility real estate professionals are looking for in a real estate software solution. The result is a cutting-edge real estate CRM solution designed specifically for your real estate business. A look below will reveal some of Riptide Real Estate core assets and capabilities.

Generate Leads to Grow Your Business

With Realtor's powerful lead generation tool, you can easily find potential new clients without ever leaving your office or making a single call. Leads can automatically be sent directly to your Real Estate account from any website or blog on which the custom-generated HTML code is placed. Riptide Realtor is truly a turn-key software solution for real estate professionals and their marketing needs.

Chart Your Growth and Plan For Success

Riptide Real Estate comes fully equipped with data analysis tools capable of generating 2D or 3D charts and graphs instantly from your account! Figuring out your company's strengths, and planning for its growth has never been so easy.

Stay on Task And on Schedule

Never miss a meeting again with Riptide Real Estate Tasks & Events Calendar that's conveniently located in the side bar of the application. Events and tasks light up when it's time to do them so you are always aware of what's next and when it's happening. Whether it's showings, closings, or new client meetings, it can all be handled effortlessly with Riptide Real Estate.

Spice Up Your Listings

With Riptide Real Estate, quickly create thumbnails, full-size images, and galleries in minutes. Riptide Real Estate has made it easy for you to showcase your properties in style, and with the functionality that gets your properties SOLD.

Priced The Way You Want It

  • Unlimited access. Unlimited data. Zero restrictions.
  • Pay as you go with per user / per month pricing.
  • No contracts. Cancel any time.
  • Scalable solution that grows as your business grows.

Features & Benefits

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Access Anywhere, Anytime Online
  • Generate and Manage Leads
  • List and Show Properties to Buy or Sell
  • Keep All Contacts, Properties, Schedules, and More In One Place
  • Chart and Analyze Business Metrics and Gauge Success
  • Stay On Task and On Schedule
  • Spice Up Your Listings
  • Maximize Commissions
  • Customize Data Fields
  • Monitor Agent Activity
  • Find Recent Items
  • Import & Export Data
  • Export Print-Ready PDFs
  • Forecast Revenues on Upcoming Closings
  • Track Your Lead Volume and Activity
  • Check the Status of Sales in Progress

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Written by Raquel Galan

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