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Posted by Raquel Galan on August 3, 2011

Do you know how often your recruiters communicate with candidates? Can you easily report on their activities? Do you know how most candidates find out about your jobs? Can your hiring managers track the process? Recruiting does all this and more!

Product Description
Riptide Recruiting is a comprehensive
recruiting software solution for emerging and established professional recruiting firms of any size as well as the internal recruiting functions of corporations. Unlike many applicant tracking systems, Riptide Recruiting unites your sales and staff sourcing efforts for a 360-degree view of clients, candidates, and placements. We help you manage the entire recruitment process from initial job creation to applicant tracking to EEOC reporting.

Riptide wants to help you leverage the power of the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to seamlessly integrate your sales and recruiting efforts. Most recruiting applications you can find for the Salesforce platform are one-size-fits-all - and one thing we have discovered with assisting our numerous recruiting clients through the years is that one-size-fits-all really doesn't fit anyone very well. Our goal is to help you customize Riptide Recruiting - and Salesforce - to exactly fit your unique recruiting process.

Some companies will, of course, take Riptide Recruiting and just use it as-is. Others will take Riptide Recruiting and customize it themselves. And thats fine with us! We look forward to working with these companies as they grow - and we are happy to offer them consulting services when they need it.

Feature & Benefits

  • Control your costs while you are just starting out
  • Easy to get started, easy to customize, easy to grow
  • Grow your recruiting application at the same time your business grows
  • Integrate your recruiting into your sales process
  • Integrate sales into your recruiting process
  • Easily customize application to meet your unique business needs
  • Accelerate your interviewing and hiring process
  • Promote collaboration between recruiters
  • Speed up response to job requisitions
  • Improve candidate matching efforts
  • Reduce recruiter workload
  • Reduce time and cost per placement
  • Provide better quality of service to clients
  • Keep your recruiters all on the same page, following the same process
  • Track EEOC data automatically
  • Simple report creation
  • Automatic report generation
  • Track recruiting efforts on simple dashboard
  • Implement workflow to monitor and enforce your recruiting process
  • Send thank you letters automatically
  • Track all changes to a job or candidate over time
  • Associate any number of documents with any job or candidate
  • Retain a complete history of all communications with a candidate
  • Fully integrated into Salesforce
  • Familiar Salesforce user interface

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Written by Raquel Galan

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