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Posted by Marketing on August 3, 2011

A simple license management software solution for Salesforce which gives your organization the ability to issue various types of software licenses for your products or product groups.

Simple License Management for your Software Products

prodlogostrax-249x300Riptide TRAX is a software license management system developed by Riptide on top of the Salesforce Force.com platform. TRAX is a native Salesforce application all the information is presented in screens that will be familiar and intuitive for your users.

Product Description

Using Riptide TRAX, your organization can manage all licenses, accounts, products, product groups, licensed systems, and support contracts. Currently, TRAX supports numerous license types such as trial, subscription, volume, enterprise, and perpetual licenses. A license is associated to an account, user (for sales tracking), and a product group, and optionally will have many related licensed systems and a support contract if applicable. Upon creation of a new license, TRAX will generate a unique 16 character alphanumeric license key (SHA1 Hex Digest), which is then saved and associated to the license.

The license object by default will allow you to store the following attributes: license type, license key, activation date, expiration date, license cost, expired, total volume, total volume used and suspended.

Riptide TRAX also has a web service integration component using a custom APEX web service, which will give you the ability to secure your software applications by making an outbound web service call to your TRAX application to validate license information. This license web service check gives you the ability to safely distribute your software application to clients and easily suspend or expire the license remotely.

Riptide uses TRAX internally to manage our trial and subscription licenses for software products that are distributed to customers. Riptide TRAX integration code is available upon request and currently available for Java, .NET and PHP programming languages. Riptide is a Salesforce. Certified consulting partner and ISV. If you would require any assistance with custom configurations or integration development for please contact us today!

Features & Benefits

  • Software License Management for Your Custom Application
  • Seamless Integration With Your Custom Application
  • Uses standard Salesforce records Contact, Account, Opportunity and Product
  • Subscription, Volume, and Per-Seat License Management

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Written by Marketing

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