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Are you Social?! Dreamforce 11 denotes a social business model!

Posted by Marketing on September 20, 2011

Are you Social?! Dreamforce ‘11 denotes a social business model!
Salesforce.com's annual cloud computing event is truly larger-than-life, “the cloud computing event of the year” to be exact. I was among the 40,000 attendees, and I feel quite lucky to have attended. Since many of us love Salesforce and still couldn’t attend, we here at Riptide can help bring the highlights to you! We had an excellent time meeting with our customers and Account Executives that wanted to know about our services or already had long term relationships with us.

These are highlights from this year's conference that you must know!
The first Keynote by Marc Benioff focused on the Social Enterprise and showed how companies from all over the world have started collaborating and engaging within social networks and Chatter. Riptide is a huge Chatter user so helping our customers along this path excites us more than ever!

This Keynote really got Riptide energized because the Social Enterprise is much larger than just sharing news with people in Chatter groups. After Benioff announced that Radian6 was acquired by Salesforce, we realized there are very few all inclusive applications that people could use to gather social intelligence on companies which enabled sales and marketing teams to receive alerts and monitor events within their accounts. Having links to a contacts social profiles are good, yet when that gets compiled with Salesforce, you’re able to see how you are connected to people in ways other avenues can’t show. What you end up getting is a powerful application that can drive revenue and increase your social response time and reputation. Enterprises that thrive will be the ones that are mobile, open, and social.

Service Cloud on the rise!
After another day of incredible sessions, the service cloud was VERY important to Salesforce and Riptide. Enterprises using Salesforce to build cloud-powered service organizations that pleasure customers and agents alike were some of our key focuses at Riptide. We are gearing up to meet all of our of Service Cloud customers’ needs. The Service Cloud will have the richest version of Chatter which is integrated across all channels and touch points. This level of integration means that if one cannot find the knowledge then the use of Chatter will often help solve the problem. The richness of the Service Cloud is the highest form of the Social Enterprise, which is a blended solution-set of employees, customers, suppliers and partners working together but within whatever restrictions are deemed necessary. So an employee may belong to several groups with each group involving different customers. The richness of this capability means the intranet as we know it is dead!!

Chatter gets a facelift.
Facebook or Chatter?! A lot of clients love Chatter because it reminds them of one of their favorite past times at home, Facebook. Business platforms going social just like Facebook makes for a more collaborative and fun work environment. If you do it in your past time, why not do it in your work time.  Salesforce has an approach of always improving their product and that does not stop with Chatter. Tim Campos, CIO of Facebook, on stage of day three says about their use of Force.com, "We grew up in the cloud. With 70% of it on Force.com." Many up and coming things are to improve with Chatter: now you can invite your clients into your groups, private message and many more exciting features! Contact Riptide and we can help define your Chatter process for a great winning Chatter experience.

Salesforce as a platform
Dreamforce 2011 some of the force.com features Here are some of the Force.com features:
  • declarative logic (5GL)
  • workflow and logic
  • analytics
  • Chatter built-in
  • mobile ready
  • open APIs
  • APEX programmatic logic
  • Visual Force for front-ends
  • Security and sharing rules
  • Chatter Connect for data feeds
  • Mobile: touch.salesforce.com and HTML5
  • Open streaming API
  • Siteforce
Dreamforce 2011 Some of the database.com features
Here are some of the highlights for database.com:
  • Social Enterprise data model
  • Shared security model
  • REST API lets you integrate with Force.com applications using simple HTTP methods
  • Tool-kit for Android and iOS (Apple)
  • Platform agnostic API
  • Data Residency Option
  • Also its free to get started
  • 100,000 records
  • 50,000 transactions per month
  • 3 enterprise users











There has been a major update to make the workflow more drag-and-drop, clicks not code


Dreamforce 2011 Changing the corporate and investment economics of apps
At the moment there are over 1,250 apps on the Appexchange which are designed not to 'reinvent the wheel'. This is already the world's leading cloud exchange for corporate apps, which is already a $500m market place. The Appexchange is still quite small compared to

  • Facebook which has 550,000 apps
  • Apple + Google which have 750,000 apps
  • New apps are being developed all the time

We here at Riptide want to build more apps, do more integrations, build more on the Force.com platform, service more clients, have more transparency, and yes, we use Saleforce as our one stop business solution and we can help you learn how to be as agile and productive as we are!
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