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5 Ways To Chatter-ize Your Company

Posted by Vijay Budhram on September 21, 2011

5 Ways To Chatter-ize Your Company

Since the beginning Salesforce has been known for innovation.  When Chatter was released, integrating the power of social media with the Force.com platform was a perfect fit and well received by Force.com fans everywhere.  However, with so many companies still trying to understand how they can best leverage social media to interact with their customers, implementing and gaining user adoption of Chatter within their own Salesforce Orgs can sometimes be pushed to the back burner.

So,  in order to help rekindle that burning desire to increase productivity and improve ROI by taking your Salesforce instance social, here are 5 ways in which we at Riptide  have seen organizations find success through Salesforce Chatter. We at Riptide can help your company come up with Best practices perfectly suited for your company and make Chatter a real WIN rather than a real pain or just another process.

1.  Chatter-ized Dashboards – Salesforce.com offers an out of the box solution to share key metrics through Salesforce Chatter and engage your Salesforce.com users.  By enabling Chatter Feeds for Dashboards in your company’s instance you can allow users to follow Dashboards, Single Components or post snapshots of dashboard components to the Dashboard Feed to highlight key metrics and goals met by your teams.

2.  Start a Don’t Be a Blob Campaign – One of the great benefits of Chatter is it allows your users to Collaborate in a more personal and social way, even when spread across remote locations.   Adding a photo and completing the “About Me” section of your Chatter Profile will make collaboration a more personal experience and help break down barriers in communication.

3.  Chatter for Outlook Social Connector – For those who are already using the Outlook Social Connector, you know the benefits gained from having access to the social feeds of your professional network integrated with your Outlook contacts.  Now with a Free App available on the AppExchange, you can easily add Chatter to your Outlook Social Connector and have access to your co-workers Chatter Feeds directly through Outlook. We here at Riptide can help point you in the right direction.

4.  Scrum, Huddle or just Checking-In – No matter what you call your quick daily meetings you can make them more efficient by bringing them into Chatter Groups.  By using Chatter groups for daily meetings with your team, everyone can stay in the loop and on target.  Best of all when new members join they will have instance access to previous discussions eliminating the need for countless email CC’s or forwards.  Your Executive team will also appreciate the increased visibility!

5.  Create a Chater-ized Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program – Looking for a way for your team to say “Thanks” to each other or point out a person or team that has excelled on a project?  Why not consider building a custom Peer-to-Peer recognition App on the Force.com platform that reflects your Company’s culture and uses Chatter to automatically post to a Chatter Feed your Organizations Big Wins! We here at Riptide can help customize any part of Chatter to best suit your companies individual needs!

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Written by Vijay Budhram

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