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12 Days of Salesforce Winter ’12, Day Three

Posted by Vijay Budhram on September 28, 2011

On the Third Day of Winter ’12 Marc Benioff Gave To Me – Chatter Files Enhancements, Social Contacts in Salesforce and New Features and Enhanced Usability.

Well hopefully by now you are singing along with our song, but if not, our Winter ’12 carol hasn’t been completely finished so expect to hum. Today, we’re looking at all of the powerful new features that are included with the Chatter Files Enhancements.  Chatter Files was already an ideal solution for teams to collaborate on Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, or any one of the countless Custom Objects built by companies to meet specific business needs.  Now however, Chatter Files has made another giant leap forward.

One of the most innovative additions to Salesforce in previous releases was the ability to keep your files stored securely in the cloud through Salesforce Content, while delivering them to both internal and external customers via Content Delivery Links.  Now, this same functionality has been extended to Chatter Files.  This feature should be turned on for most organizations that have already enabled Chatter, so for most Admins all that will be necessary is to inform your users of the feature.  Ideally, your users have already started the move from using outdated file attachments seen in the ghosts of the winter release's past. Thankfully, Winter 12’s future is the new social, collaborative, and email server friendly links of Content Deliveries.

Another enhancement of Files, which continues to create a more user friendly experience, is the additional areas where you can now upload files from.  With the release of Winter ’12 users will be able to upload files:

  • Chatter Feeds
  • The Homepage
  • The file detail page
  • On the Sharing Settings dialog box
  • Next to the file on the Files page
  • Next to the file in a feed or on a file hover

This should be a big boost to companies that are trying to gain user adoption of both for “Chatter” and “Files” in order to create a more open and collaborative environment.

While new features are on their way, there are a few features to which we are preparing to say goodbye for now.  With the Winter ’12 release, “Documents” while still an available object, will by default be replaced in the “Tabs” list by “Files.”  This is an important step towards moving users from the old folder style mentality to the more open and flexible style of “Content.”  Speaking of “Content” another feature that we will be saying farewell to in this release is “Presentations” in “Content.”  No longer will we have the ability to modify or create new presentations on the fly from our PowerPoint decks.  While I’ll miss this feature, in the end it’s what makes cloud computing so great, under-utilized features that are not adopted by our community cease to be relevant and are quickly replaced with newer better features that can have an immediate impact on our user’s experience.

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Written by Vijay Budhram

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