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12 Days of Salesforce Winter ’12, Day Eight

Posted by Vijay Budhram on October 5, 2011

On the Seventh Day of Winter ’12 Marc Benioff Gave To Me – A New Enhanced Reports Tab, Global Search Improvements, Siteforce General Availability, Divisions and Quotes Now Married,  Private Chatter Messages, Chatter Files Enhancements, Social Contacts in Salesforce and New Features and Enhanced Usability.

Okay so it’s only fair that I start this blog post with a #NerdAlert warning, but I think I can speak for everyone at Riptide Cloud as well as Admins and Developers everywhere when I say we all love our Analytics.  Oh, the joy of sitting by the fireplace cooking-up rollup summaries and matrix reports to analyze businesses trends over time.

If you are reading this blog there’s a good chance that you too cracked a smile just thinking about using all of that data to drive core insights into your business.  However, as most Admins can attest to, our business users aren’t always as thrilled with the thought of creating Reports and Dashboards on their own.

With the release of Salesforce Winter ’12, which is now just days away for many of us, a flurry of new features and enhancements will be available in the updated Reports Tab.   These new features will make our Analytic life just a little bit easier for both business users and Admins alike.  Some of the improvements you and your users can look forward to are:

  1. Create – User now have the ability to Create both New Reports and New Dashboards from the Reports Tab.
  2. Find and Use – Now by default users will see their most recently viewed reports and dashboards.
  3. Organize and Share – Now both Reports and Dashboard folders can be managed from within the Reports Tab.  In addition to Creating both new Reports and new Dashboard folder, you can now give other Read Only or Read Write access to folders.
  4. Manage – Previously user would have to move between the Reports Tab and Dashboard tab to edit each folder.  In Winter ’12 user can now edit them directly in the Reports Tab  through a drop down menu
  5. Schedule and Follow – Users can now follow their favorite reports as well as see scheduled refreshes.

These features make working with Reports and Dashboards more convenient than ever.  And if the new Report Tab features aren’t enough to satisfy your Analytic side, have no fear we’ll be discussing additional improvements to Salesforce Analytics before the 12 Days of Winter ’12 are through!

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Written by Vijay Budhram

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