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12 Days of Salesforce Winter ’12, Day Ten

Posted by Vijay Budhram on October 10, 2011

On the Tenth Day of Winter ’12 Marc Benioff Gave To Me – Knowledge Enhancements, Cloud-Based Flow Designer,  A New Enhanced Reports Tab, Global Search Improvements, Siteforce General Availability, Divisions and Quotes Now Married,  Private Chatter Messages, Chatter Files Enhancements, Social Contacts in Salesforce and New Features and Enhanced Usability.

Happy Monday to all, and to all on NA1,NA6,NA7,NA8, NA9 I’m sure it’s an exciting one.  Today you will be getting to spend your first full work day in Winter ’12.  Hopefully your users are well prepared by now, and ready for the march of the Penguins.  For the rest of us that have yet to receive the Winter ’12 update, have no fear it is only 5 Short days away! So, today for those Service Cloud Users that are already on Winter ’12 and those of use waiting patiently we are going to talk about some of the improvements made to Knowledge in this release.

Knowledge is an extremely powerful tool available in the Salesforce Service Cloud.  Knowledge basically creates a knowledgebase using articles and data categories.  Authors can publish articles, both internally for uses such as customer service representatives wanting to find information to close a Case, or it can be customer facing through the Customer Portal or Partner Portal.  Companies can even choose to set up public knowledge bases that can be accesses via their website, allowing anyone to search and view public knowledge articles.

With the release of Winter ’12 there are a few pretty big improvements to Salesforce Knowledge.  First for anyone that is currently using Knowledge and translating articles into multiple languages, you will now be able to import both Knowledge articles and their translations at the same time.  Previously this would require multiple article uploads, once for the master article and once for each language that you wanted to have that article translated to.

Another big addition is the Pilot of Knowledge Article Versions.  For users participating in the pilot, older versions of Articles will now be able to be saved and will be identified by the next sequential number as an identifier.  Since Knowledge is meant to provide quick and easy access to timely information, this is a huge improvement.  This will allow for companies to keep an archived record of all of the changes that are made to the information that is available to both their users and their customers.

Finally there is the update to the articles properties.  In the Winter ’12 release the article properties will now show users which channels articles appears in.  The channels include, Your internal app, Your partner portals, Your customer portals and Your public knowledge base.  Together this bundle of new features and enhancements will make Knowledge an even more powerful tool in the never ending journey of distributed relevant information to our internal and external customers!

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Written by Vijay Budhram

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