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12 Days of Salesforce Winter ’12, Day Eleven

Posted by Vijay Budhram on October 11, 2011

On the Eleventh Day of Winter ’12 Marc Benioff Gave To Me – Analytics, Analytics, Analytics, Knowledge Enhancements, Cloud-Based Flow Designer,  A New Enhanced Reports Tab, Global Search Improvements, Siteforce General Availability, Divisions and Quotes Now Married,  Private Chatter Messages, Chatter Files Enhancements, Social Contacts in Salesforce and New Features and Enhanced Usability.

Well for those of you that already have the Winter ’12 release in your Salesforce instance, you’ve had a full day to play with all of the new features and enhancements.  As promised today we are going to talk about some additional analytic features that are included with the Winter ’12 release.  With companies moving more and more of their information to the cloud and many companies going Wall-to-Wall Salesforce in order to centralize all of their data, Analytics is a huge part of why many people choose Salesforce.  In Winter ’12 there have been a number of enhancements to their Analytics features such as a new Analytics Workbook, Sample Dashboards on the AppExchange, both Custom Report Type and Report Type Selection enhancements and Improved Dashboard Component Snapshots.

For users that are still trying to get comfortable with creating Reports and Dashboards for their organization, the new Analytics Workbook is a great tool.  The workbook gives users an introduction to Reports and Dashboards by using a series of exercises that teach users some of the tips and tricks to quickly creating things like impressive Dashboard components.  Some of the topics covered in the Analytics Workbook include combination charts, conditional highlighting and custom summary formulas.

In addition to the Analytics Workbook, another great new tool which Salesforce is providing to users through the AppExchange is sample CRM Dashboards.  This package provides you with out-of-the-box access to best-practice dashboards and reports for your sales, service and marketing teams.  The Dashboards focus on specific roles within your organization such as Executives, Sales Manager, Salesperson, and Customer Service.

While you are checking out the sample Dashboards you may also want to take the opportunity to check out the improved Dashboard component Snapshots.  Snapshots allow you to post Dashboard components, such as a Gauge that displays how close your team is to reaching their sales goals, directly to a Chatter feed.  Previously to see a preview of that component you would have to click Preview, now you can access it just by clicking on the image.  This is a much more intuitive way for your users to interact with your this data.

And finally, the Custom Report Type and Report Type Selection Enhancements.  Custom Report Types allow you to choose how you want to report on related objects.  In Winter ’12 you now have the ability to create Custom Report types that have Users as their primary object.  Also in addition to the enhancement to how you can report on data Salesforce Winter ’12 also improved how you can search for those custom report types.  Now report types are categorized in folders which are expandable or collapsible and for even greater ease of use you will have the ability to search for report types using the Quick Search box.

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Written by Vijay Budhram

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