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A Very Social Super Bowl

Posted by Marketing on February 8, 2012

We’ve all heard the saying that’s it’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game.  Well today it’s how you reach your customers.  Salesforce.com has been a leader in revolutionizing how enterprise businesses move to a more social model.   While many companies realize that this change is necessary to keep up with the times, it is often a struggle and questions of “is it worth the effort” inevitably creep in.

If there is any doubt among enterprise business that social is the way to go, the recent statistics from Super Bowl XLVI should put that debate to rest.  During the last 3 minutes of the Super Bowl there were over 10,000 Tweets per Second.   Social Media monitoring company Trendrr, reported over 15.8 Million comments on social networking sites like Facebook, which far exceeded most industry leaders expectations.

So what can your company do to make sure you aren’t left behind in the Social Revolution?  Well for Salesforce customers, social is becoming more and more effortless.  The previous release of Salesforce, Winter ’12, brought some exciting new social features such as Social Contacts.  Social Contacts allows Salesforce users to connect their existing online social networking profiles to their Salesforce Org.  With this, users can view streams of their Contacts Tweets, Facebook updates, or LinkedIn changes.

Today, many Salesforce users awoke to the Spring ’12 release of Salesforce, which continues to expand on their Social Contacts feature.  If your Salesforce Org hasn’t been upgraded to Spring ’12 have no fear, you will be seeing the new release at the end of this week!  With Spring ’12 the Social Contacts feature has been enhanced and is now Social Accounts and Contacts.  Users can see social information for both business and person Accounts, Leads, and Contacts.

In addition to expanding the Salesforce Objects that can display social information, Salesforce has also added additional social networking sites to the roster.  Social Accounts and Contacts can now help you find YouTube videos posted by your Accounts or Contacts, and the popular social media influence tracking site Klout is now available as part of the Salesforce social suite of features.  By having access to view Klout scores from within Salesforce, it is now possible to gain insight into how influential your contacts are in their social media communities.

So, where are you in the social scheme of business life?  To borrow some Klout terms, is your business an Observer, a Networker, a Thought Leader, or have you fully embraced social and moved to becoming a Broadcaster.  No matter where you are in the social environment, Riptide can help you move to the next level.  If you’re already a Salesforce user, let us help move your business in a more social direction.  If you’re not a Salesforce users, that’s fine too.  In the words of Marc Benioff, we can help your business be born Cloud and Reborn Social!

Your customers are already going social to speak to you, now are you listening?

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Written by Marketing

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