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Social media: Getting from “oh no way” to “wow”

Posted by Marketing on March 9, 2012

As we move further into the virtual world and mass communication tools take over all electronic devices everyone is expecting all electronics to become faster, more advanced, and convenient.   We have quickly gone past “I want it now” to “I need it now” and companies are starting to realize that partner integration is a necessity moving forward.

The Salesforce Spring 2012 release is a great example of these integrations including further connections to Microsoft Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Klout Media, YouTube, and Salesforce Mobile for the Android Market.  Salesforce Users can now connect with leads (potential clients) to get better information and insight into the prospect’s needs through the use of social media, connect with Business Accounts to track how the company’s Facebook page is networking, and Klout Media to see how many people are discussing your Account, and now connect with Person Accounts to gain insight into your company’s clients.

Social media integrations allow users to create more personal relationships with prospects and clients, if used properly your company will differentiate themselves from your competitor.  Imagine if your firm befriended, connected, and were followed by all of your clients on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  In 2009, the average number of confirmed friends per user on Facebook was 150 people! Let’s break that down, your firm has 500 clients you now will be able to reach out to 75,000 people each time you post something.  If that wasn’t glorious enough, add LinkedIn and Twitter and the reach could easily be over 200,000 people for every post, tweet, and update.

Most businesses don’t want to move towards Social Media because they don’t understand how posting a few sentences a week will help their business.  Well… let’s think about how many adds on TV, Internet, and Mobile we view in a given week; meaning, retaining clients is becoming more difficult in a world were clients has access to information about your competitors and competitors are always trying to reach people that are already using a type of product.  Using social media, a firm can keep their brand in the forefront of their clients’ giving the client the ability to take ownership of the relationship creating brand loyalty and increased word of mouth.  More often than not, a firm will do a lot of work to start a relationship but will not develop the relationship with the client.  With social media integration a client can feel like they have a personal relationship with a company.

In addition to creating stronger relationships, social media sites are a great way to take any size business and expand your reach across international borders and with the convenience of international shipping, companies can easily have clients worldwide.  Clients will often research multiple locations before choosing to do business; for instance, almost all will check the company’s webpage, Google search for any reviews, and social media channels for further reviews, specials, and detailed information.  If clients gather information before making decisions, then wouldn’t it make sense to get as much information as possible out on the net?  Studies have shown that clients purchasing through the internet use the following steps to make their buying decision:

This image shows that 83% search for more information and 58% search alternatives.

To get started with Social Media your organization needs to first get acquainted with Chatter, a mix between Twitter and Chat that is native to Salesforce and gives your employees the ability to stay up to date on deals, problems, and group projects.  In addition, Chatter gives you the ability to create groups in which you can collaborate with clients & co-workers while still keeping complete record in Salesforce, no more searching through four email accounts to piece together the entire picture.

If your company has already started using Chatter, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube then the next logical step is to monitor how all of these tools are working for you.  Radian6 gives your firm the ability to track and analyze exactly what is happening through an easy Summary Dashboard Interface.

If your company is ready to reach from Cloud to Cloud and expand your horizon Socially contact us here at Riptide so we can help you integrate your internal systems with external social media systems to establish new clients, strengthen relationships with current clients, generate repeat business, and expand your reach internationally.

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