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Salesforce Automation: Visual Workflow

Posted by Marketing on May 31, 2012

Visual Workflow also known a Salesforce Automation gives you the ability to create a visual representation of a business processes which can be used to drastically reduce the amount of time spent getting information into Salesforce.  Imagine having the ability to take your iPad anywhere and enter in a new Lead by simply entering information in on a form, or having preset scripts for your call center representatives which will walk them through each step of a process. Visual Workflow makes this all possible and much more.

The Visual Workflow interface is drag and drop, making it very easy to create a process using the Clicks – not Code process.  Each flow is embeddable and supports custom tabs, VisualForce pages, and Salesforce Sites.  Visual Workflow can create records, look-up to and/or edit existing records, and even delete records.

The Visual Flow Designer comes in two versions, each with its’ own advantages and capabilities.

Desktop Designer


  • Built-in element for Lead Conversion
  • Sub-Flows can be created and connected to a Main Flow
  • The actual Flow process can be validated for possible errors
  • The desktop version includes a Flow Simulator


  • Not native to Salesforce and no longer being developed
  • More complex to use
  • Created flows must be uploaded to Salesforce
  • Created flows cannot be edited in Salesforce

Cloud Designer


  • Native to Salesforce – Built In
  • Uses Standard Formula Syntax
  • Less Complex – Up and running much faster


  • Flows created in the Cloud Designer cannot convert leads without use of Apex
  • Validation of the actual Flow is not possible
  • Connecting a Sub-Flow to a Main Flow is not possible (Summer’12 release brings us Sub-Flows)

* Salesforce has slowly been moving towards phasing out the desktop version, and has been adding functionality to the Cloud designer with each new Salesforce release.

If you would like more information on Visual Workflow check out our training videos here!

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