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Riptide and Axosoft Introduce the OnTime Connector for Salesforce

Posted by Marketing on January 23, 2014

Today Riptide officially announced our partnership with Axosoft, the maker of OnTime Scrum, to bring the OnTime Connector for Salesforce to the AppExchange.

The OnTime Connector lets OnTime users to integrate their agile project data into their Salesforce environment.

Zenon Rawley, Riptide Managing Director, stated in a press release:

 “We are excited to partner with Axosoft to develop this new Salesforce integration tool... OnTime Scrum is a powerful agile project management platform... OnTime Connector helps organizations increase project visibility and social collaboration between Salesforce and OnTime, expanding the capability of both of these powerful platforms to help developers work smarter and more efficiently.”

The OnTime Connector lets development teams automatically syncs user stories, help desk issues and work logs, making it easy to generate reports and analyze project data in Salesforce, while integrated Chatter functionality enables developers and stakeholders to easily collaborate by letting them add comments dynamically to OnTime ticket notes and reference tickets.

With the OnTime Connector, management and organization leaders will have crystal-clear visibility into the performance of their development projects, all within Salesforce.

Since Axosoft was founded in 2002, its flagship product OnTime has grown to become the #1 selling Scrum software on the market. In addition to agile project management tools, OnTime also offers bug tracking, issue tracking and collaborative wiki components to help Scrum development teams ship software faster.

Click here to learn more about OnTime Connector for Salesforce.

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Written by Marketing

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