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Easily Reduce Costs With Remote Management

Posted by Marketing on June 24, 2014

Riptide Managed Services offers full remote support with custom software developed and configured for customers' networks. Depending on the level of access, technicians can access servers at any time without the need for customer interaction, while desktop interaction typically requires the end user to grant a technician temporary access. Riptide Managed Service technicians will often access customer networks after hours when their businesses are closed. This allows for uninterrupted work for both the technician and the customer.

Immediate Cost Reduction
It is customary for Managed Services companies to charge a "dispatch fee" or "call fee" when a customer requests a technician to come to their location. With Remote Management, these costs are often completely eliminated. For customer tickets, technicians will first attempt to resolve the issue remotely without setting foot on the customers property. For routine maintenance, technicians will often access customers locations after hours. For emergencies, it's quite often much faster for a technician to remotely access the network for an initial over view of the situation that would determine if an on-site visit was even required.

Other expense areas directly effected by the use of remote management are

  • System, Device, and Network Monitoring
  • Network Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Support
  • User Training
  • Software Installation and Configuration
  • Software and Computer Updates
  • Spyware and Malware Scanning and Removal

System, Device, and Network Monitoring

Riptide's custom network agent continually monitors devices and components on our customers networks. In the event of a machine or device interruption event such as power or signal loss, Riptide Technicians will recieve an notification alert. Often times, customer issues are resolved without the custmoer even being aware that there was an issue.

Software and Computer Updates

In practically every scenario involving a work place and a computer, it's safe to say computer updates are needed. Software updates, regardless if they are for the core operating system or just for software installed, can be time consuming. If ignored, computer systems are left exposed to patched vunerabilites, are at risk for spyware and malware, and generally will begin to run slower. Performing these routine updates is indeed a necissity.

Network Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Support

Routers, switches, firewalls, and other network devices often need software and firmware upgrades. Whenever possible, Riptide Managed Services performs these operations remotely and after business hours with minimal impact on our custmers business. There are, however, still times when it is prudent to be on site for firmware upgrades. Your Riptide Technician will advise you on a case-by-case basis.

User Training

Sending employees to training sessions, while good in the long run, can be a costly and tedious expense. Riptide Managed Services can have a one to one, or one to many instructor led training session with customers employees' without them ever leaving their desks. This level of training is 100% customized for our customers, addressing their specific needs.

Software Installation and Configuration

In the practical world, a computer does everything we want it to do. In reality, users often recieve files without the associated software to view or edit said files. Without remote managed services, this would mean a service call, followed by a technicial walking around to every computer on the network and installing the required software. Riptide Managed Services is able to remotely install software on a single computer, or push that software out to all computers, or even a select group of computers - complete with any specific configurations needed. You can easily see how this approach saves time and money.

Spyware and Malware Scanning and Removal

Spyware, arguably the thorn in every computer users side, is a prime example of something to be cleaned over night simply because of the time required for software to complete a deep scan. Riptide takes a reactive approach to spyware - when named processes are identified, our agent software contiunually scans customers networks for those files. Once found, Riptide's agent software locks the file, and sends a notification to technicians. Damage is mitigated, and Riptide technicians quickly sweep up the mess.

Using Riptide's Remote Managed Services saves time and money, increases potential computer uptime, and maximizes resource availability for our customers.

About Riptide Managed Services

Riptide Managed Services is a division of Riptide Software, Inc. and provides technical services to small and medium sized businesses in the greater Orlando area.

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