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Posted by Marketing on January 6, 2015

The design team at Riptide Software faced a problem. Our company had outgrown its design sharing system and required a better way to store our data. We started out sharing our designs on a single server. This server was inaccessible remotely and created numerous roadblocks for our team. Riptide needed a solution that offered our designers the capability to prototype ideas and share them with both internal and external audiences.

Then we found Invision.

Invision is a FREE cloud-based prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform. It enables its users to design, review and user-test a product before writing a single line of code. Invision’s cloud technology helped us access our work from any location, which increased availability and efficiency, and ultimately maximized our productivity. With the ability to work on the move, our design team could get the most out of each working day and eliminated the need to make an extra trip into work on weekends if the case arose. With this improved method of sharing and organizing our files, our design team was better able to prototype and design for client presentations.

More than that, Invision changed the way we communicated with each other and with our stakeholders. Invision’s communication design allowed us to receive feedback—both from clients and from within the design team—without having to be in the same room. This cut down on our staff having to interrupt workflow to attend meetings and eliminated long email chains. It also made it easy to turn any comments into a live to-do list and gave our team the ability to view previous versions of their work in a single place. That not only helps our staff stay in sync, but also allows us to show our clients how designs evolved over time.

Invision facilitated our workflow, and by utilizing its platform, Riptide was able to enhance our design process and become more efficient. At Riptide we are constantly evolving in order to meet our customers needs and provide the best possible customer service in the most cost efficient manor.  Invision helps us to help our customers and allows Riptide to stay focused on customer satisfaction.

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Written by Marketing

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