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Improving Our Design Workflow with Pencil by Fiftythree

Posted by Marketing on February 5, 2015

Pencil by Fiftythree began as my personal, at-home sketch tool, but recently transformed into a great asset for my design workflow here at Riptide Software. As a graphic designer I often catch myself taking arduous steps to brainstorm during a design meeting. I end the meeting with a chicken-scratched notepad and a phone full of blurry whiteboard images (I’m sure we’ve all been there).

Our design team at Riptide has adopted the Pencil as a tool to help us wireframe and prototype our ideas both inside and outside meetings. Fifythree provides us with everything we need: an advanced stylus for detailed drawings, a simple and easy-to-use app (aptly named Paper), and the portability for a designer on-the-go. It’s not only convenient, but also packs a punch.

Sketching with the Pencil feels natural, because it’s equipped with pressure-sensitivity, a dynamic tip for changing strokes, palm-rejection technology, and an eraser tip. The Pencil’s ergonomic features trick me into thinking I’m using good, old-fashioned pencil and paper. Also, my palm is no longer smudged with graphite (ah, the headaches of left-handedness).

You will find our Paper sketchbooks filled with website flowcharts, mobile application wireframes, detailed illustrations of e-learning scenarios, and notes on usability and function. The Pencil is perfect for low-fidelity sketches, highly detailed illustrations, and everything in between. Our personal favorite tool that Paper has to offer is the watercolor brush, which inspired a unique illustration style for Gate Retail Onboard’s e-learning courseware.

Our team can readily walk out of a meeting with electronic wireframes, sketches, mockups, and notes to jumpstart our projects. We can export and share the sketches between designers, organize our notes into sketchbooks within the Paper app, and integrate the sketches into our high-fidelity designs. We can also use the Pencil with other applications including Sketchbook, Procreate, and Adobe’s sketching apps for Illustrator and Photoshop.  This brings both extra quality and efficiency to all our customers here at Riptide Software.

The Pencil has truly improved our design process by allowing us to collaboratively develop ideas through a more meaningful workflow. We don’t end our meetings with blurry cell phone pictures and jumbled notes. Instead, we leave with real sketches that allow us to take our ideas to the next level.

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Written by Marketing

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