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No WBS? All hope is lost. Save the WBS!

Posted by Marketing on April 20, 2015

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is defined by the PMBOK as “a deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition of the work to be executed by the project team to accomplish the project objectives and created the required deliverables.”

One of the greatest strengths of the WBS is that it forces the project team to review the project and consider all the components involved with the project. Often times the project teams want to force a project to launch without considering all aspects of a project and without thorough planning. The WBS is currently being considered old school and many project are not including a WBS as part of the projects documentation. Many project are leapfrogging the need for a WBS and going right into the project schedule. The WBS contributes to a project in all aspects including the following:
• Project Scope Definition
• Effort and Cost Estimation
• Work Planning
• Resource Planning
• Execution
• Change Management
• Risk Management
• Communication Management
• QA

The discipline and effectiveness of Project Management as a whole has greatly impacted the future of Project Management. With success that appears effortless comes change. The process of running an effective and efficient project as due in large part to the WBS. Since performing the exercise of creating a WBS impacts a project significantly, I fear the day has come where pressure exists to go away from it. It fascinates me to see how things that work are consistently tweaks while broken things are put aside. The more I research the WBS, the more I realize that projects are going without them currently. Project success is hinged on stepping back and working the WBS to completion. It is how a project can be methodically planned and executed. Instead Project Management is falling into the hands of the accounting department. “Hurry up and cut costs!” I started this class stating my belief that the most successful project as the ones that no one knows the Project Manager’s name. The PM flew under the radar and the project was deemed a success. The WBS is one of the most essential tools in the project’s success. This discipline is a great and methodical one that is a company investment. It is an investment in efficiency and responsibly. Without the WBS, all hope is lost. Save the WBS!

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Written by Marketing

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