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Posted by Raquel Galan on April 22, 2015

At Riptide, we fully understand the value of Mobile.  Most businesses need a mobile application to support their core business. Successful businesses need a reliable platform to reach their customers in a way that the world consume content today. Riptide Software's Mobile Application team  our customers and for our internal use here at Riptide.

A successful Mobile Application is made up of several components that most people never see which is where Riptide excels.  Riptide builds the code that makes a mobile application work.  Riptide works with our customers to create exceptional user experiences.   Riptide does the heavy lifting to organize your data.

Our Mobile App Development Team is proficient in iOS development with Swift, Objective-C or Xcode; Android with Java, Android Studio, and Eclipse; and full back-end development with Database Design, Mobile Web Services and fully integrated custom API’s. Additionally, the team designs custom mobile hardware solutions using Intel’s Edison, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino platforms.

Riptide has developed a wide array of Mobile Applications and Integrations for the US Government and Commercial Entities including:

  • SMS/Text Message Integration with Deltek Time & Expense
  • Personnel/Inventory Mobility Tracking with GPS awareness
  • Data Center / Network Operations Center Event and Alert notifications
  • Website State Change Notifications
  • Fixed Price Asset Fluctuation Push Notifications
  • Full Club/Entertainment Management Suite

If the application calls for it, Riptide is capable of infusing the app with monetization capabilities such as Freemium Modeling, In-App Purchases, and various Ad Network Integrations. Our partnership with Authorize.net ensures secure transactions and timely payments from within our mobile applications.

It has been said that “A Mobile Application is only as good as the last time it worked.” Because of this, Riptide has partnered with Amazon to deliver the most robust, secure, scalable, dependable and versatile back-end for our Mobile Applications. Our goal is to ensure our applications remain running and connected to their respected data sources at all times. We strive to maintain this goal by deploying our Mobile Applications’ back ends in redundant availability zones, and maintaining a logically distinct application development environment.

One reason Riptide stands out from other development agencies is that we are fully aware that it’s not just how well the Mobile Application works, or how elegantly the code is written, or how fast data is synchronized - it’s also about the User Experience. As such, our Design & Graphics team works hand in hand with our Mobile Application team to deliver a rich User Interface, clean artwork, and an overall user experience using best practices of Material Design.

Riptide doesn't overlook the business process, either. Our project managers work closely with their customers to ensure that the application is seamlessly integrated into the daily workflow the business may have. Our Project Managers design custom reports from the data the application generates and can deliver those reports using multiple vehicles, including Salesforce.com

If you’ve got an idea for a mobile application, or would like to learn how your business, regardless of what it is, could benefit from a mobile application, don’t hesitate to call us at your earliest convenience, or simply just get in touch with Riptide today.


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Written by Raquel Galan

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