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Requirements gathering is the cornerstone of any project

Posted by Raquel Galan on April 23, 2015

Tools and Technique Used to Render Decisions on Requirements

Requirements Gathering


Riptide Software believes requirements gathering is the cornerstone of any project. A project without firm and thorough requirements will not be deemed a success. The project requirements are the blueprints of the project and will be used as the guide for the project deliverable. There are many tools and techniques in gathering requirements and the final selection of the Project Manager’s arsenal are dependent on their needs and the project they are managing.

There are a great number of tools and techniques used in effective gathering requirements. Brainstorming is one of the most basis yet effective tools in gathering requirements. A controlled group of people can make individuals into a genius. A small concept can become refined and details through the utilization of a group’s feedback in a well guided brainstorming session.

Another obvious but effective technique in requirements gathering is in reviewing historical and current data. For effective requirements gathering, the Project Manager should focus on the current environment and any historical data that is applicable to the upcoming project. This information would help the Project Manager obtain a firm understanding of the previous work that has been implemented and how to deliver the current project. This technical flows quickly into the next technique – the interview.

Asking probing and questions based on the analysis of the historical data is an effective Requirements Gathering technique. As long of the Project Manager has completed thorough historical analysis the interview technique will be very informative and can provide the Project Manager with great insight. The PM must also take note of the interviewee’s body language. The Project Manager must master of the art of discernment. The knowledge comes from listening to the body language and let that speak louder than the interviewee’s voice. Sometimes the client does really vocalize their needs effectively but their body language can speak volumes.

Observation is another effective technique. The Project Manager should perform a site survey and visit the users in their current environment. Observations should be made on how they interact and engage within their environment.

Reverse engineering is a technique used in Requirements Gathering. This is one that help in a complete understanding of the requirements. The logic here is that if documentation is incomplete, one of the most effective strategies to obtain a firm understanding of the current product or current system.

These are some of hundreds of technical and tools in requirements gathering. Regardless of the Project Manager’s strategy, requirement gathering is one of the most critical needs for a project’s success.


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Written by Raquel Galan

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