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The Internet Of Things

Posted by Marketing on May 9, 2015

Internet of ThingsRiptide Software develops solutions using the Internet Of Things (IoT).  IoT means all of our devices are talking to one another. Everything we use is connected, using embedded sensors, and are able to identify themselves to one another. Our phones are smart enough to know when we’re heading home, and can tell our thermostats at our houses to start adjusting the temperature to our preferred setting.

Riptide was contracted by a company to provide an IoT solution for a shipment problem. Their customers were disputing drop off claims, and wanting real time status updates. Riptide updated our customers’ Fleet Management System to include the Internet Of Things. We connected each of the vehicles to one another using IoT. The system now provides payload tracking, delivery verification, and real time vehicle location tracking.



Since Riptide correctly predicted the IoT emerging trend years ago, we have been able to implement custom IoT solutions for our customers including:

  • Status of power circuits
  • Remote door/lock controls
  • Environmental conditions
  • Computer & Network monitoring
  • Printer consumable auto order
  • Vehicle and payload tracking

Riptide works with our customers to provide them the best IoT solution for their needs. If there is an existing product on the IoT Market, and we feel it meets our standards, we’ll recommend that solution for our customer. If the solution doesn’t exist, we’ll create that solution for them.

The Internet Of Things

The shipping company is now able to provide real time data to their customers. They know where their vehicles are and what the status of their payloads is. Not only can they tell the customers when their delivery was made, they can also send them a photo of the payload noting the condition at drop off time. The amount of information gained by leveraging IoT in their Fleet Management System has been invaluable to them.

Riptide’s team of integration architects specialize in providing solutions to power the future of business communications, creating web and mobile apps that are connected and scalable, and that enable a variety of functionality and connectivity through MMS, SMS, VoIP, and IVR.

The Internet of Things will continue to grow. Soon, the Internet of Everything will emerge, where everything we interact with on a daily basis is somehow connected to one another and exchanging vital information. Riptide will continue to work with customers in the IoT / IoE space, providing them the necessary tools for success.

If you would like to know more information about the Internet of Things, or have a project that you would like to engage Riptide in, please contact us today.

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Written by Marketing

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