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The Rise of the Office Zombie - and What to do About it

Posted by Raquel Galan on May 12, 2015

Office Zombie ApocalypseIf you have been working in an office of any kind over the last decade, there is a high chance you have witnessed an Office Zombie Apocalypse. When the office staff stands up from their desks and begins wandering aimlessly around the office with bewildered looks on their faces. They all have one thing on their minds - what happened to the Internet?

Riptide Managed Services works with medium to large sized offices to help circumvent network problems. One of the most work-stopping events than can happen to a business today is an Internet outage. If you can’t get online, you simply cannot work. You have no access to email, no access to web services, no access to Instant Messaging, or anything else. In today’s connected world the formula is simple, no Internet means lost productivity (and maybe even office zombies).

Many people simply are not aware of how easy it is to have redundant Internet connections in a small to medium sized office. With a redundant connection, if your Internet Service Provider has an outage, your hardware automatically switches over to the backup connection and continues providing Internet access to your network. The switch to the backup is so fast and seamless no one will even notice.

Riptide Managed Services recommends redundant Internet connections be set up to proactively prevent productivity loss. Redundancy is achieved using an Edge Router configured with Policy Based Routing (PBR), and two separate ISP’s. The Primary Internet Connection should be the more robust connection with higher speeds, such as a fiber connection or business class cable modem. The backup connection can be a simple DSL connection, and does not need to offer the same speed or bandwidth allotment that the primary connection does. If you experience an internet outage the Edge Router’s policy based routing will simply route the traffic across the backup connection and your workforce remains productive.

Riptide Managed Services highly advises deploying and testing Redundant Routes after normal working hours, or over a weekend. The configuration of PBR’s can be rather tricky, and working off hours minimizes any disruptions to the normal business workflow.

It should be noted that if your business is hosting any kind of services within the local network, those will most likely not be available to the outside world while on the backup connection without a bit of tweaking. The backup connection’s main function is to provide the users of the network access to resources and services online.

With proper Policy Based Routing in place, you can achieve a redundant Internet Connection for your business and easily survive the Office Zombie Apocalypse.

For more information on Redundant Internet Connections, Policy Based Routing, or anything else we do at Riptide Managed Services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.



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Written by Raquel Galan

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