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Riptide Cloud Is Your Amazon Workspace Partner

Posted by Raquel Galan on June 16, 2015

Amazon Web ServicesAmazon WorkSpaces is a cloud based managed desktop computing service. Amazon WorkSpaces allows for easy provisioning of cloud-based desktops that enable end-users to access the files, programs and other resources they need with the a wide variety of devices, including PCoIP zero clients, desktop computers, laptops, iPads, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and  Android tablets. This provides Riptide’s Cloud Services the ability to set up a cloud desktop environment  for any user count  at a very competitive rate.

Riptide Cloud Eases Amazon WorkSpace Integration

Riptide Cloud, a Amazon Integration Partner, has provisioned cloud-based network infrastructure offering access to Windows desktops, file servers, Active Directory integration and full time backups. Riptide Cloud has made it possible for a customer with a central office in one city, and satellite offices in cities hundreds of miles away can to easily share network resources, server sided accounting programs, file servers, email, and more. All at a fraction of the cost and headache of expensive network equipment or the slowness of VPNs.

Amazon WorkSpaces is poised as a competitor with VMware, and is designed with a corporate computing environment in mind. Local Network Administrators configure the cloud-based desktops for their users that can allow them access to internal company resources. End users can access their WorkSpaces Desktops from different devices, and seamlessly switch between those devices while keeping their desktop session active.

With Amazon WorkSpaces, a user can be working on a document on a Zero Client with a large monitor and full keyboard and mouse, then easily switch to a tablet of their choice to pick up exactly where they left off with no interruption of services.

WorkSpaces seamlessly integrates with an local Windows Active Directory, which can be used for WorkSpace management and user authentication. Amazon also offers the ability to deploy an AD Server in the cloud, effectively enabling a company to be completely cloud-based with no local infrastructure except a basic network with Internet Access.

Riptide Cloud’s experience with Amazon WorkSpaces combined with our Networking Infrastructure knowledge, enables us to provide custom solutions to unique situations customers may find themselves in.

Riptide Cloud offers full Amazon Web Services cloud management to our customers, including S3, RDS, CloudFront, EC2, and any of the other 21 different services that AWS provides.

Amazon WorkSpaces pricing ranges from $35 to $75 a month, depending on what software comes pre-installed and licensed on the WorkSpace, such as Microsoft Office. WorkSpaces has a zero dollar upfront investment, and offers a more traditional “pay as you go” pricing, paying for the number of desktops the user has provisioned.

If there should happen to be an Amazon WorkSpace failure, users can be rest assured knowing that the user volume (D:) on the WorkSpace is backed up every 12 hours. Amazon Web Services can quickly restore the data from the last backup. If a user required a higher level of backups, they can enable Amazon WorkDocs Sync. That allows the user to choose a folder on their WorkSpace to continuously synchronize with Amazon WorkDocs.

As an Amazon Integration Partner, Riptide Cloud is able to provide custom AWS solutions to customers to satisfy whatever specifications their business project demands. Amazon WorkSpaces brings the power of cloud computing to the end users, allowing businesses to continually and easily grow.

For more information about Amazon, Amazon WorkSpaces, or any of Riptide’s Cloud Services, please contact us today.

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Written by Raquel Galan

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