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Riptide Software Designs Scalable Software Applications

Posted by Raquel Galan on June 22, 2015

Scalable Software SolutionRiptides’ design of any scalable software application requires upfront planning to leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS). Best practices and principles are applied from the onset of a project in order to assure the project will scale properly and be delivered on time and within budget. Scalable software applications connect users with resources using the Internet and AWS. Scalability can be thought of as distribution of resources using AWS web services that offer resizable cloud hosting services to make web-scale computing easier for developers.

Riptide Software has over 19 years of software design experience. Over those years, we have learned and adapted our programming techniques and business philosophy to remain ahead of the industry standard.

When Riptide’s engineers sit down to discuss the planning of a new distributed software application, there are specific guidelines they use to determine the best approach for the project.

Scalable Software Applications: Guidelines

  • Personal Data Security
    The security of personal data is foremost in our distributed software application design. By using several layers of abstraction and encryption, Riptide ensures that there is no direct access to any sensitive data to our applications. All data is replicated and backed up on a regularly scheduled basis, and backups are kept in different physical locations from their originating sources.
  • Application Availability
    Being able to use an application  is fundamentally crucial to the life of a business. For some applications, any amount of downtime can translate into thousands of dollars of lost revenue. Riptide develops applications within high availability zones distributed across multiple regions to ensure redundancy for core functionality. This approach also allows for the rapid recovery from possible system failures, and the ability to seamlessly troubleshoot a live application.
  • Application Performance
    The speed at which an application runs directly affects the user experience, and therefore usage of the application. Riptide provides the industry’s best cloud based resources available,  creating a robust application and phenomenal user experience.
  • Application Reliability
    Applications have to be reliable. Users expect a consistent experience every time they use the application. If an application is returning inconsistent results, users will quickly abandon the application. Riptide’s software engineers and developers are constantly putting our distributed software applications through quality assurance tests to make sure the application is reliable.
  • Application Scalability
    For a distributed software application, scalability refers to how many transactions can be processed, the ease at which storage or processing capacity can be added, and even how many front end requests the application can handle. As an Amazon Web Services partner, Riptide employs the best practices in scalability to meet the ever increasing demands on the applications we develop.
  • Application Manageability
    Being able to easily manage a distributed software application is a key principle of business operations. How seamless are updates? Is downtime required for maintenance purposes? How easy is it to diagnose and understand problems when they occur? What, if any, team of experts is behind the hardware and systems in use? Riptide Software designs distributed applications with all of these key things in mind. As AWS Partners, we know the best hardware engineers are simply a phone call away if we should need them.
  • Application Cost
    The total cost of ownership of a distributed software application must be taken into consideration throughout the entire build process. Being able to scale costs is just as important as scaling resources. Engineers, Developers, Hardware and bandwidth all play a role in the overall cost of a project. With over 19 years of experience, Riptide Software minimizes risks associated with cost by simply not making the common mistakes and assumptions others might.

Riptide considers these aspects during the initial planning stages of application design. Having the foresight to know what resources the distributed software application will need is key in determining how the application is designed in the onset. Failure to properly identify the future needs of an application leads to unnecessary costs and time in redesigning core features.

Riptide continually reviews the points mentioned in this article across all of our projects. The success of a customer's application directly correlates to the success of our team.


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Written by Raquel Galan

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