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Optimize Your Marketing Efforts with Call Tracking

Posted by Raquel Galan on June 24, 2015

Riptide Call Tracking SoftwareAccording to KeyMetric, nearly 65% of all online searches and website visits result in a phone call. By implementing a call tracking application, a business can save money by correctly identifying advertising methods that make their phone ring and those that do not.

Riptide Software, a Twilio Partner, created a custom call tracking application to provide customers with real-time inbound call metrics. Riptide is able to show customers the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns versus traditional print media. The information provided by the phone call metrics allows Riptide to properly advise customers on their advertising budget.

By assigning unique phone numbers to advertising channels, landing pages, and email campaigns, Riptide is able to gather enough data on each call to easily understand what is advertising is working for our customers, and which are not. Traditionally, this process was costly to setup, difficult to maintain, and required on-premise infrastructure capable of processing the call volume.

Using Twilio, a cloud based communication platform, the process has been simplified. A virtual number is bought in real-time, assigned to a campaign, and data collection begins. Twilio records the number that was dialed, the time of day it was dialed, the duration of the call, and the geographic location of the caller. The data that Twilio collects is imported into Riptide’s call tracking analytics solution, or a CRM such as Salesforce.com

Twilio’s call tracking application process is simple:

  • The business adds a call tracking number to their ad campaign
  • A prospective customer dials the call-tracking number
  • Twilio connects the call and records call data
  • The business builds reporting around the data collected

Once the data is analyzed, informed decisions can easily be made about the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns.

Knowing that over half of the phone calls a business receives come from a search result means that it is crucial a business knows where to spend their advertising budget for a maximum return on investment. A custom call tracking application provides the data needed to properly make those decisions.

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Written by Raquel Galan

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