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Security on the AWS Cloud

Posted by Marketing on July 10, 2015

AWS Cloud SecurityWith the Sony leaks last year, to Adobe’s vulnerability,  and  Hacking Team’s spyware company recently being hacked, Internet security is definitely a hot topic in today’s hyper-connected world. So that comes into question, exactly how secure is your business data on AWS?

There are a number of security certifications and accreditations that AWS holds. AWS has in the past completed multiple SAS70 Type II audits and has PCI DSS Level 1 and HIPPA compliance, just to name a few.

What about the data centers? The physical location of the AWS infrastructure is limited to those within Amazon who have legitimate business reasons for that kind of information and are physically secured to prevent unauthorized access. You won’t be able just to walk into the data center and hop onto a computer like you could with Sony.

Then there are the security features of AWS that provide another layer of protection. There’s network security which allows users to: a secure network access with built-in firewalls, private subnets, end-to end encrypted transmission, a dedicated connection option, and advanced cipher suites. Then there’s access control in which you can allow only authorized users, customers, and applications to access your aWS resources. You can also log and monitor user and application activity.

AWS is a secure enough platform that even the government uses it with GovCloud, an entirely separate region within the cloud. A recent article on defenseone.com explains just how challenging it is to even attempt to hack into the CIA’s Cloud on Amazon. You aren’t even able to download data onto a drive without sending an alert in real time, there’s no Snowden or Manning type of data spillage.

Patrick Tucker, a tech editor for Defense One, explains in the article, “Bottom line, you would have to perform this mission as the world is learning about your crime in real time, not months later on the front page of the Guardian. It wouldn’t be so much a burglary as a brazen heist.”

With all these security features in place, you ou can be rest assured of AWS’ security. If you are looking for more information about Amazon, Amazon WorkSpaces, or any of Riptide’s Cloud Services, drop us a line! Or if you are in the CFL area, come to our next AWS Meet Up to discuss how the cloud can benefit your organization!

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Written by Marketing

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