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Prepare for Data Failure

Posted by Marketing on July 30, 2015

salesforce data failureDoomsday “prophets” are always vocal about the coming of an end. From Nostradamus, to Y2K, to a more recent Blood Moon prophecy. Most of these prophets derive from a secular religion and really outlandish that it’s really no surprise that none of them come to fruition.


Why all the doomsday talk?

While the cloud and Salesforce  is a very reliable platform and the end of the world isn’t coming anytime soon, there are instances in which data backup is necessary. As Krishnan Subramanian, a technology expert on cloud computing once said, “In the clouds, if you don’t design for failure, you are destined to fail.”


You Have to Prepare for Data Failure

Statistically speaking, failures are inevitable and often happen when least expected. Human error also accounts for a third of data loss too. Putting your eggs all in one basket really isn’t the best way to deal with failure either. The past has taught us that weather is fickle and not to be underestimated.


Lightning storms might seem awe-inspiring, but they also pack a punch to electrical devices. In 2009, one storm actually took down the AWS Cloud, making Netflix, Instagram, and Pinterest go dark for a couple of hours.


In the late 80’s a Solar Flare hit the province of Quebec and the city of Montreal pretty hard. The effects of the solar flare interrupted the entire city for over a 12-hour period, thanks to coronal mass ejection (CME). CMEs propels bursts of particles and electromagnetic fluctuations into Earth’s atmosphere.  In an ever increasing technological world where consumers rely heavily on the cloud and mobile technologies, space weather is a serious matter as well.


Salesforce data failureThere’s No Undo in Salesforce

You’ve spent countless hours on Salesforce insuring all your customer’s and prospect’s  data and information is up to date, then all of a sudden someone accidentally deleted it all. Guess what? There’s no way to get that information back.


How can I backup my Salesforce Data?

Well--fancy you asking that! We actually have an excellent solution called Riptide Reflection! With Reflection you can protect and secure your important customer information and it’s fully-automated so you can sit back and relax!


Benefits of Reflection:

  1. Automated Data Replication
  2. Dynamic Data Structure
  3. Backing up of Metadata API
  4. AWS Cloud Integration
  5. Streamlined Data Integration
  6. Business Intelligence
  7. File Attachment Support
  8. Flexible Con-Style Scheduler
  9. Secure Backup and Archiving
  10. Run in your Data Center On-premise


Think of Reflection as your data warehouse insurance policy, without all that pesky insurance lingo, just a streamlined automated backup solution that takes about ten minutes to implement.


Reach out to us for a demo today, remember it’s always best to prepare for failure!


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Written by Marketing

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