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AWS Aurora: Amazon’s MySQL Database Challenger Now Available

Posted by Marketing on August 3, 2015

AWS AuroraAurora first debuted during Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) re:invent conference in November 2014, positioning the database as a lower cost, higher performance, high availability alternative to any enterprise grade database server. Now, after close to 4 years of development and testing, AWS, announced earlier last week that Aurora is now available to US and EU customers.


How AWS Aurora Can Impact Your business

Yes, Aurora is fast, scalable, and MySQL compatible, but the shining star of Aurora is that it comes with high availability and durability as it’s core. Aurora replicates 6 copies of data across 3 Availability Zones and is constantly backing up data to Amazon S3 and offers 99.99% availability. You no longer have to be worried about physical storage failures as the database storage can automatically scale up to 64TB. Aurora also supercedes MySQL on performance by five times the amount in throughput performance.

If for some reason, one of the servers fails in a particular region, your data is backed up at another location and you can be still up and running without even a glitch! This is HUGE! This means that MySQL is now as reliable as the top guns --at a fraction of the price.


AWS’ Cost Reduction Mantra

Amazon is keeping up with it’s custom of developing in-house solutions and marketing them as alternative tools to what is already commercially available on AWS. With it’s pay-as-you go service and an open source price point starting at $0.25, AWS will only stand to gain more revenue to it’s already estimated $6 billion cloud infrastructure business.


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Written by Marketing

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