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Posted by Marketing on August 5, 2015

API Composable EnterpriseA recent report indicated that now, more than ever, APIs are critical revenue drivers. That means that the CIO is no longer tethered to keeping the network running, but rather becoming a business strategist that accelerates innovation across the enterprise.

More and more businesses are embracing cloud, mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT). What’s great about the API Economy is that it scales horizontally and spans across different verticals from education, to healthcare, and more.


What business needs are driving your organization’s API strategy?


Integrate new software with existing infrastructure

As you face growth and expansion, you also face the problem of legacy system integration with new technologies, web and mobile apps, and the cloud.

The ability to self-serve IT

With API-led connectivity, you can shrink development times without sacrificing visibility and control. You are no longer constrained by data governance issues or risk managed access to back end data, but instead can easily guarantee access and security for data throughout your enterprise

Get more value from existing software

By integrating third party apps into your existing software, you can enhance the user experience.

For instance, Facebook has a relationship with AT&T, Softbank, Mobile Corp., Telefonica, and others to provide in- application purchases using carrier payment services.

Enhance partner ecosystems
APIs are a technical asset necessary to build out an ecosystem by collating and understanding data on user transactions related to digital objects. For example, Airbnb, an accommodations platform, could expand their ecosystem by partnering with museums, theme parks, and tourist hot spots

Develop mobile applications

Mobile apps are a combination of user interface, tactile interaction, integration with device features, and data delivered and processed via APIs.


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Written by Marketing

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