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AWS Route 53 solves DNS Failover Automagically

Posted by Marketing on August 19, 2015

DNS FailoverAmazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable DNS service offered by AWS. Route 53 handles domain registration and routes user's Internet requests to your application. An added feature about Route 53 is that it also intelligently direct traffics based on routing policies and automated health checks away from servers that might be failing.

You can use any combo of these functions as well. For example, you can use Route 53 as both your registrar and DNS service, or you can use it just as the DNS service and have your domain registered with another registrar.



What AWS Route 53 brings to the DNS table

After your domain is up and running, you can choose a routing policy that best fits your business needs. There are quite a few policy types so let’s run down the list:


Simply Routing Policy

Use this policy when you have a single resource to perform a given function for your domain.


Weighted Routing Policy

Assign different weights to multiple services. This kind of routing is useful for load balancing.


Latency Based Routing Policy

This policy directs traffic requests to the server that will be able to respond with the lowest delay.


Failover Routing Policy

Send all traffic to your primary set server as long as that server is still healthy. If health checks determine that not to be the case, traffic will be diverted to a designated backup resource.


Geolocation Routing Policy

Designate resource targets based on your users’ geolocation. For example, all queries coming from Australia would be routed to a service located in that same physical region in order to limit any kind of delays.


Additional Features of Route 53


Besides different routing policy options, there are a number of advantages with choosing Route 53 as your DNS server. You can purchase domains from all top level domains directly from Route 53, have a private DNS, routine health checks, AWS service integration, and alias records.


Need Help Migrating to Route 53?


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Written by Marketing

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