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Cloud Computing: Fully Leverage the Cloud

Posted by Marketing on August 27, 2015

Cloud ComputingMore and more companies are migrating to the cloud, which makes it less of a competitive advantage according to a recent report by the Harvard Business Review (HBR). However, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of cloud computing as we know it. In the report a respondent noted, “Cloud is no longer a differentiator; however, not being on it would be a significant disadvantage.

Businesses are realizing that not adopting cloud has its consequences. HBR author Herrin explains in the report, “The prime benefits of cloud are impressive, with 40% of respondents claiming that using cloud has increased revenue, and 36% say it has increased profit margins.”

Another interesting note about the report is the strategic shift in what part of the organizations are making the purchase and moving to cloud. The IT department is now the driving force behind the purchasing power making 43% of purchasing decisions.

Fully Leverage Cloud Computing

While most businesses have a cloud strategy, more are looking to build a multi-cloud strategy. If you are concerned about choosing the right mix of environments, how to make storage and computing from different vendors work together, you aren’t alone. There are important considerations to ensure successful implementation of a multi-cloud strategy.


An already established ecosystem means access to a broad range of resources and tools.


Our need for speed has demanded lower latency and reliability, to meet this need data centers are closer to high-traffic dense areas.


Interoperability is emerging as a requirement for many businesses as companies want more options.

Orchestration Across Clouds

You can rely on APIs for managing multiple connections to cloud services. Mulesoft has an  API manager that manages users, traffic, SLAs, and secure APIs.

Optimal Security

Misconceptions about cloud security can hinder cloud adoption, although increasing education on the cloud is leading to increased trust. There are a lot of myths when it comes to the security of the cloud from physical control of data to managing the cloud.
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Written by Marketing

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