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An OrlandoiX 2015 Review

Posted by Marketing on October 9, 2015

I was fortunate to attend this conference because Riptide Software sponsored part of OrlandoiX. With 20 years under its belt, Riptide Software is always looking for opportunities to expand, support, and help  the Orlando tech community.

The past conferences I’ve attended have always been grand and overcrowded, so I’m glad that this conference was more personal. After each speaker, audience members could ask any question they wanted to the presenters  like you would in a town hall type setting.

OrlandoiX: the Digital Expo

By far my favorite presenter was Matthew Knell. He was also very engaging and had a great presentation on how social is gaining more engaged visitors than search engines.

Matthew Knell About.com

This metric made me focus more on Riptide’s Pinterest account and optimizing each pin appropriately with rich pins.


The next speaker that I thought was very interesting was Bob Allen, the Chief Storytelling Officer at IDEAS. He made a very mindful point about humans already being cyborgs as we are completely immersed in the digital word. If there is a disconnect within the digital world, there is social disruption. This is why storytelling is important. He outlined the order of things when it came to storytelling:

  1. Producer objects
    1. Who, what, when
  2. Cognitive engineering
    1. The psychology
  3. Story
  4. Technology
    1. Be mindful of what device your story is behind read/shared on.

Bob Allen, Chief Storytelling Officer at IDEAS

Another great speaker was Michelle McKenna-Doyle, CIO of the NFL. She spoke about the NFL’s new, “we are family” marketing campaign and the way technology makes a great impact on the NFL’s game and fan experience. She went on to say that having wifi and being connected at each NFL stadium is as important as restrooms.

Michelle McKenna-Doyle, CIO of the NFL

Her advice for women in the technology industry was to not get comfortable, she went on to say that she got too comfortable at a past job and it held her back career wise.


Although this conference received some negative press in the past couple of months, I think it was a huge success in regards to bringing a spotlight on the Orlando tech community. As a digital marketer, I also went away with some key takeaways and it’s always fun to learn something new or get inspired by great people.

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Written by Marketing

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