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How SaaS, APIs, and IoT are Modernizing Law Enforcement

Posted by Marketing on November 5, 2015

IoT Law EnforcementLaw enforcement agencies are driven by information, much like any other enterprise, and that data drives their demand for cloud applications that are seamless and future proof. SaaS is the ultimate solution for agencies looking for a lower-cost system to use software as needed instead of investing in and maintaining large server infrastructure and licensing fees.

Riptide recently created and integrated software that provides body cameras for law enforcement in a SaaS capability to manage the camera configuration and the videos recorded.

Modernizing Law Enforcement

The SaaS application was developed to support multi-tenancy and highly-secure data security with encryption at rest. The SaaS application was developed as a single page application (SPA) leveraging modern client side technologies and frameworks such as AngularJS, CSS3, and HTML5. The application UI needed to support a responsive user experience across all computer and tablet devices. The cloud infrastructure was designed  to use a series of REST API’s and bi-directional messaging services using  MQTT. These services were deployed in an highly available (HA) and auto scaled environment to expose data and business functions. In addition, the AWS API’s via SDK were leveraged directly for the highly scalable ingestion of HD video from the IoT camera devices. The SaaS application and IoT devices executed various workflows, which orchestrated communication with all of the API services.

These leading edge IoT integrations are some of the most valuable new developments supporting the transparency needed to ensure everyone’s safety. Riptide is proud to be a part of making these highly capable new technologies available to both our law enforcement and our military personnel.



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Written by Marketing

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