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Digital Transformation from Excel to the Cloud

Posted by Marketing on November 9, 2015

digital transformationAny internal business process can be modernized, from ordering office supplies to hosting meetings and yes, even your time consuming Excel data entry process. Anyone that uses Excel knows that the worksheets are time consuming, complex, error prone, and frankly a business liability. This rings especially true if only a few people know how to use it correctly.

Are you still managing your business with complex Excel applications? Let’s look at the value of modernizing your internal business application with digital transformation:


Digital Transformation from Excel to the Cloud Case Study

Riptide was approached to help modernize an internal business application that was used for project management and resource availability.  Currently, this business application runs within a series of Excel worksheets. Also, the business captured historical KPI metrics that proved the need for a digital transformation. They valued the Excel application inefficiencies of lack of data visualizations, reporting, and multi-user support at $2.8M.

Riptide went through a detailed discovery process with the customer by reviewing all the business processes, understanding all shortcomings, and the “wish-list” of business requirements. In order to accomplish this task, Riptide turned to Salesforce1. The Salesforce1 platform provides: a secure and scalable SaaS application platform, allows for custom developed rich data visualizations and insights, "out of the box” reporting & analytics, and outstanding accessibility via web or mobile devices. Most importantly, it supported the development of a robust business logic engine, which supports the execution of complex business rules. . This made the new application completely data-driven and automated.

The application was architected, developed, and delivered within 90 days. This shows the power of the Salesforce1 platform as a rapid application development environment. The ROI for the customer was instantaneous as the application allowed employees to access the system with in real time and save countless hours of data entry, processing, and error identification from the unvalidated spreadsheet process.. The application brought much needed visualization on the project status, pipeline, and availability or resources.



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Written by Marketing

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