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How SaaS & Mobile Can Transform Your Enterprise

Posted by Marketing on November 12, 2015

SaaS & Mobile Historically, any company looking to adopt a new software solution had to buy, build, and maintain their infrastructures. With SaaS this is no longer the case as all that is required is an internet connection. Many business needs can be solved with SaaS as multi-tenancy allows companies to scale fast in a secure manner.

Taking a look at of Riptide’s past work, you can see the value that SaaS and Mobile applications can bring to your enterprise.

SaaS & Mobile Case Study

Many industries today utilize 2D and 3D bar code IDs for a variety of verification needs. These organizations often need a modern turnkey solution that is mobile, cloud-based, scalable, and combines all of the features needed to empower business owners to properly manage their properties and interact with their customers .Riptide created a single solution to solve ID verification needs and provide additional business-related value:

  • Eliminate manual, error-prone system of checking IDs
  • Collecting customer data demographics
  • Giving a mobile venue for business operations
  • Creating POS integration with their databases

It was vital to create an automated system that would quickly and accurately check IDs, with a single solution to handle any type of 2D or 3D bar code from anywhere in the world that follows the PDF417 standard. The mobile interface had to work both online and offline and be quick enough to ensure high volume users or events could be verify information about an individual  quickly.

Riptide was also tasked with adding the data collection component to the solution, allowing owners to determine demographics  used to create customer-specific promotions, like birthday or anniversary specials, or even special interest events. The solution had to collect data from POS, IDs and even connected credit card information to track client trends and allow for targeted marketing through email, SMS, and MMS. This allowed owners to send clients text messages,opt in emails,and attach virtual fliers as part of these communications. It also had to have a mobile customer facing component, allowing them to interact with any venue,  anywhere.

Riptide developed a multi-tenant, schema-based SaaS solution, which allowed numerous locations to onboard but still have their data isolated from others. The main interface for ID validation were IOS devices with cameras or attached barcode scanners. The user interface incorporated a verification screen to give customer data feedback, providing fields that respected PII, but showed specifics based on situation, things like:age, gender, ratings, and other criteria were all possible.

Riptide utilized Mule ESB to provide a stateless REST API, which could be horizontally scaled using any server container on a cloud-based solution. The design’s flexibility allowed us to create marketing components for targeting clients via email, SMS/ MMS, and social media. Riptide’s experience with Twilio was invaluable, allowing us to host SMS and MMS platforms for marketing purposes. We also leveraged Amazon Web Services (AWS) for email marketing channels, marketing wizards, and scalability under extreme conditions.


It’s clear that SaaS and mobile completely transformed any industry requiring ID validation digitally. It allowed for truly targeted marketing backed by big data, it eliminated error-prone manual ID checking, and it opened the gateway for communication between customers and the owners.




Looking for SaaS and Mobile solutions for your enterprise? Give Riptide a shout, we’ll help you achieve true digital transformation.


Topics: Big Data, Cloud/IoT, Digital Transformation, ID validation, MMS, Mobile, Mule ESB, PDF417 standard, REST API, SaaS, SMS

Written by Marketing

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