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Technologies that Will Transform Your Enterprise

Posted by Marketing on December 2, 2015

Transform EnterpriseIt may seem that all the emerging innovations from the tech sector won’t have an impact on businesses, but that is far from the truth. Any business can can take advantage of digital transformation. In a piece by Computer Weekly, three technologies were described as beneficial for the enterprise.


Three Technologies that Will Transform Your Business


Use APIs to integrate externally and internally. There is no longer a need for big monolithic applications to power business needs, point-to-point integration is all you need. Countless retailers are using APIs to enhance the consumer experience from Nordstrom’s co-shopping, to Rebecca Minkoff’s magic mirrors, to Target’s Cartwheel app.

  1. Sensors

Networked sensors are helping consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies provide a more personalized experience to consumer’s needs. Procter and Gamble have a toothbrush with a sensor to keep track of tooth brushing habits and Nordstrom has sensors set up in their store to determine foot traffic and how long each customer stays in a particular department.

  1. 3D Printing
    Experts believe 3D printing will turn the industrial manufacturing industry on its head. There is the obvious cost benefit of printing items on-demand, but there is another benefit: it will change the way things are produced. About a year ago an Indonesian man participated in an open innovation challenge hosted by the global industrial company GE. The goal was to redesign the bracket that attaches a jet engine to an airplane wing. This man had no experience with industrial manufacturing, but by using a design technique enabled by industrial 3D printing technology he was able to build a bracket that passed all tests. The best part of this bracket was that it weighed 83% less than the part it replaced.


How Riptide Uses These Technologies

We use APIs and sensors to build applications and systems like REAPER, without the help of a 3D printer. Range Experience Acquisition Portal for Evaluation & Reporting or (REAPER) is a military firing range training program. These targets have sensors in place that reports back heat maps of the shots each soldier took. By using functional reactive programming, Riptide was able to mine the data in real time and look for key patterns in performance. This instantaneous reporting allowed coaches to provide feedback and corrections when the student’s shot patterns showed deficiencies. This type of military training is being used more and more in today’s turbulent world by many state and local enforcement agencies to make our citizens and our freedoms more secure.


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Written by Marketing

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