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Don’t Forget Our Troops this Holiday Season!

Posted by Marketing on December 11, 2015

While we enjoy a respite from work with the upcoming Holidays, there are still men and women in the military, nationwide and overseas, ensuring that our time off is safe and secure. So, this holiday season, we ask that you not forget the men and women risking their lives everyday.


How Can You Help Military Members?

As a former military brat, I know that one of the best ways to remind our Armed Forces that we are thinking of them during the holidays (or anytime really) is to send a care package. My father always appreciated the packages we sent him filled with goodies. If you are unsure of what to send, here are Items that you can pack:

  • Food and drink

Powdered drink mixes, meal enhancers (hot sauce, mustard, relish), energy bars, non-perishable beef jerky, candy, and gum.

  • Personal care and clothing

Travel sized toiletries, personal care items such as baby wipes, lotion, and eye drops.

  • Entertainment and communication

Reading material, foam footballs, frisbees, playing cards, cds, dvds, portable DVD players and batteries.


A Care Package Really Makes a Difference

A member of the Riptide Software family  is currently overseas and recently received a care package put together by employees. Here is an email we received back from him:


Holiday Season Troop Support“Team,

I was at a loss of words from the generosity that so many people from the company came up with the amount of things to fill those three boxes! I sincerely really appreciate that. The different items made it fun to open and go through. I thank my lucky stars everyday for the support I have in my life.

I was just about to head out on a couple day patrol when they informed me of getting mail. I was able to swing in a go through them quickly and man was I surprised and excited!


Thanks again guys! Miss you all. Please send my thanks and Happy Holidays to everyone in the company. Hold your families close. These are the hardest when you're away... especially with kids.



This email really shows that something as small as a few items that can be easily bought at your grocery store makes a huge impact to our soldiers. There are special boxes that are used for these car packages and you can pick them up at your local post office. If you get a care package together and are unsure of where to send it to or how to send it, just drop it off at our HQ and we’ll do the rest for you! 

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Written by Marketing

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