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IoT and CES

Posted by Marketing on January 13, 2016

CES IoTLast week CES held its annual conference in Las Vegas, the breakout star of the conference, of course, was emerging Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

The highlight of CES was Amazon Echo and the numerous partnerships it announced:

  • Ford announced a plan to tie its automotive software to Echo so that car owners can control their home and other services while driving.
  • Security companies, Alarm.com and Vivint, are letting their users control their security systems with Echo.
  • Triby, a $200 kitchen radio, uses Amazon Alexa voice services application programming interface to create an Echo-like device, but it includes other subscription services.


One of the  key takeaways from this conference was that IoT is not about devices, but rather the services it can provide. Major companies like Procter & Gamble are connecting their products to the internet. P&G showed off their air freshener that is connected to Nest thermostats to spray air freshener at the optimal time your AC fans blow air around your home, ensuring freshness all the time.


Another important note that was prevalent, but not really mentioned was the data the devices store. Error messages  and collected data are sent back to the manufacturer, sometimes without the user even knowing. FTC Chairwoman Ramirez is even concerned with companies that are collecting information that they don’t even really need saying, “how that data is being used or shared, and the potential for unintended uses, is a concern.”


Either way, seeing the potential of IoT as a consumer standpoint is really something to be in awe of. Connected things serve to make our lives easier and this principal can also be applied to enterprise applications.




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Written by Marketing

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