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AWS Cloud’s High Availability Weathers Through Storms

Posted by Marketing on January 26, 2016

Cloud Availability Through StormsWhile many are weathering through winter storm that is passing through the Northeast, AWS is also ensuring that their ducks are all in a row.  For  those that are wondering what that entails, here it is, straight from the AWS Blog:

AWS replicates critical system components across multiple Availability Zones to ensure high availability both under normal circumstances and during disasters such as fires, tornadoes, or floods.

….In the words of Werner Vogels, Amazon’s CTO: “Everything fails, all the time.”  We regularly perform preventative maintenance on our generators and UPS units to ensure that the equipment is ready when needed.  We also maintain a series of incident response plans covering both common and uncommon events and update them regularly to incorporate lessons learned and prepare for emerging threats.  In the days leading up to a known event such as a hurricane, we make preparations such as increasing fuel supplies, updating staffing plans, and adding provisions like food and water to ensure the safety of the support teams.  Once it is clear that a storm will impact a specific region, the response plan is executed and we post updates to the Service Health Dashboard throughout the event.

How to Prepare for a StormAWS regions

  • Design for Failure : Use multiple availability zones. Each Amazon EC2 region is designed to be completely isolated from the other Amazon EC2 regions. This achieves the greatest possible fault tolerance and stability.
  • Backup Data: Utilize Amazon’s S3 storage service or if you are looking for a Salesforce specific backup, Reflection does a great job of backing up your Salesforce data by:
    • Automated Data Replication
    • Dynamic Data Structure
    • Backing up of Metadata API
    • AWS Cloud Integration
    • Streamlined Data Integration
    • Business Intelligence
    • File Attachment Support
    • Flexible Con-Style Scheduler
    • Secure Backup and Archiving
    • Run in your Data Center On-premise
  • Monitor Health: Validate your systems with internal monitoring services.


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