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Successful Digital Transformation = Positive Impact on Revenue

Posted by Marketing on June 20, 2016

A recent survey conducted by Mulesoft concluded that most businesses are trying to understand how to work with new channels, engagement, and ubiquity. Nearly ¾ of IT decision makers said that if digital transformation initiatives weren’t completed, it would have a negative impact on revenue in three months.

Surveys like this reinforce the critical and urgent need of successful digital transformation for all businesses. What can you do to ensure your digital transformation needs are met successfully?

  1. IT and Business Need to Align
    1. IT is no longer just a supportive function, but one of supporting innovation.
  2. APIs
    1. APIs are changing how businesses operate. Opening up data through APIs is a quick way to leverage business data without IT serving as a gatekeeper.
  3. Work with a Trusted Digital Transformation Partner
    1. Riptide Software adopted cloud technologies and digital transformation when it was in its infancy. Our team of architects and integration experts leverage MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and Mule ESB to connect and orchestrate disparate SaaS, mobile, and on-premise systems within and across organizations—ensuring they are robust, secure and scalable.

Successful Digital Transformation with Riptide Software

Riptide Software was approached by a massive e-Discovery Software Company to streamline the process of various customer service avenues such as monthly billing, knowledge base, community portal, and more.

By utilizing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), enterprise-scale messaging systems, Mule’s Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), and standards-based APIs, Riptide developed a high-volume data aggregation system. This system was responsible for aggregating large amounts of analytic and “metered” usage data generated from numerous installations of the company’s SaaS based  software, which is then later processed via the Bulk API into Salesforce.


Realizing the digital transformation vision is much more than a couple of technology decisions. Riptide can integrate all of your existing cloud and enterprise systems to maximize your current IT investments.  If you are unsure as to how to start your transformation, let Riptide help you.

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Written by Marketing

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