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DARPA Scientists Predict What 2045 Will Be Like

Posted by Marketing on December 21, 2015

Predicting a future that actually comes true is not an easy task, but DARPA scientists predict in 30 years from now, our relationship with machines will become even closer.


Topics: Brain Implant, DARPA, Future, Gov't & Defense

Don’t Forget Our Troops this Holiday Season!

Posted by Marketing on December 11, 2015

While we enjoy a respite from work with the upcoming Holidays, there are still men and women in the military, nationwide and overseas, ensuring that our time off is safe and secure. So, this holiday season, we ask that you not forget the men and women risking their lives everyday.


Topics: Gov't & Defense, Holiday, Troop Support, US Armed Forces, US Army

It's a Video Game and an Army Recruiter

Posted by Raquel Galan on May 8, 2005

It is an online, multiplayer video game that they believe will lure teenagers into Army culture, hoping both to educate them about the military and to spark interest in volunteering to serve.


Topics: Gov't & Defense

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